is President Trump’s arrogance evidence of the wisdom of an alien superior intelligence, or genius?

The Chicago Tribune has a number of articles in today’s new about Trump’s tweets stating he is a genius in response to the  book “inside revelations,” or fantasies,” depending on your point of view or “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” idiom.

Citizen Tom wrote two blogs on questionable context because the writer’s prologue leaves the book contents up to readers to judge if it is based on fact or fiction.

I commented on his second post about my opinion on the possibilities of wisdom and reasons for Trumps tweets which is the subject of this post for you to read, if interested

King Solomon, Humility and Muddle-Heads

King Solomon wrote this proverb on humility.

Let a stranger praise you and not your own mouth, a foreigner and not your own lips. (Proverb 27:2)

Problem is

during Solomon’s time, there was no bias radio, TV, newspapers, or internet, or partisian political party goal to continually badmouth his leadership.

In other words, perhaps Trump praises himself because he is a media genius who knows that since he will never hear the mass media praise him in his lifetime, he decided to do it himself.

Either that or he knows that by doing so, he lets the mass media know he is laughing at them for their continued scorning him while at the same time the USA is “getting great again” makes them look like “muddle-heads.”

For example, this Excerpt from a previous post.

Excerpt, Praise or Scorn

“So Solomon, what would you think of a ruler that becomes a laughing stock to his people instead of being praised?”

“Bilqis, intellectual clarity and incisiveness makes any man master of a situation and wins him acclaim, while confused thinking brings him into contempt.” It is for his good sense that a man is praised, but a muddle-headed person is a laughing stock. (Proverb 12:8)

Then again,

maybe he has issues like a lot of contemptable people in the world, especially those who like to judge and then throw stones.

Or perhaps,

he is an alien with superior intelligence who was sent to earth to clean up a big mess created by a bunch of muddle-heads?

So the question becomes,

has Trump demonstrated by his accomplishments in office, he meets this description,  “intellectual clarity and incisiveness makes any man master of a situation”

You Decide.

Fact, fiction, fantasy, praise, scorn, or muddle-heads?

In My Opinion

Let’s all pray for the USA and the Muddle-Heads within.

Regards and goodwill blogging

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