Interested to compare who “really knows,” to who “who really cares” question on recreational marijuana. The who, being Jeff Sessions, politicians, potheads, physicians, taxpayers, news media, and/or, innocent victims.

A Chicago Tribune columnist posed a question,” who knows better,” Jeff Sessions or potheads the effects of legalizing recreational marijuana. I surmised a second question, “who cares better for the present 35 million regular pothead users, and the 100 million occasional users, and the potential 335 million more users once legalized recreational marijuana becomes legal in the USA.

The following is a list of known effects that may result.

Jeff Sessions, marijuana is not legal and is classified as a health hazard by the CDC, Center for Disease Control of the USA. Should Jeff ignore his duty as Attorney General and dismiss the health hazards or does he care to do what he swore to do, uphold the law?

Politicians know a lot of tax money will result for their pet projects if legalized. They also know it will increase fatal car accidents because of the statistics available from States that have legalized pot. Proponent legislators obviously do not care about their constituents or they know the possibility that like alcohol, the more it becomes available, the likelier adolescents will be able to procure and use it in spite of the medical proof that adolescent’s brains will be harmed more by using marijuana.

Potheads may or may not know the health hazards, and most likely do not care about the long term risks of damage to their brains.

Physicians know the health risks available now in proven scientific studies. They probably care but also know that they have no control of the bad choices of their patients.

Taxpayers may understand in the short term that the additional tax revenues may result in the short term in them paying lower taxes. However, they may not be aware that once the money is spent by politicians, the longer they live will result in higher taxes they will pay to treat brain damaged potheads, in time, providing potheads do not kill themselves or innocent taxpayers while driving around on congested roadways at high speeds in a drug altered brain state.

News Media is well aware of the health risks, but obviously do not care because you never read any news articles, or news columnists opinions about the health risks and “other side of the story.”

In other words, journalists forgot what their teachers taught them about the purpose of journalism. Colleges teach journalism students the purpose of the news media is , “ The first purpose of Journalism is to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing.”

Either that or the writers no longer care, or fear losing their jobs in the real world of journalism dictated by the news medial special interests.

King Solomon

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.(Proverb 22:3) 

In My Opinion

In time, recreational marijuana will most probably become legal. Why should anyone care if people choose not to be prudent and risk their health. However, regardless their choice will be foolish rather than wise if they are concerned about their health..

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You Decide

Do you want to know the truth, or care about the risks for yourself and your children once you become a pothead?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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