Interested in a Pearly Gates Story?

Joe and Rose were a healthy couple who lived an active life enjoying swimming, sailing, and golfing into their late nineties

Everyone who knew the couple would comment on how active and healthy they lived in spite of their age.. When asked their secret they would explain their diet and exercise regimen. The only complaint they ever expressed about their lifestyle was Joe always moaned how Rose always insisted he eat her bran muffins even though she knew he hated them.

One morning on their way to the golf course, the couple died together in a car accident. When they arrived at the Pearly Gates they were greeted by Saint Peter who immediately begin looking at their records.

Finally after a long while he called the couple before him and complimented them on their long list of good deeds they accomplished during their long lives. He then  accompanied them to personally explain and show them their reward for their exemplary life on earth.

The first reward was a 6500 square foot home on top of a hill overlooking the ocean with an Olympic size swimming pool. Saint Peter commented that they would need the large home to entertain their family and friends for eternity.

Then Saint Peter handed Joe a pair of binoculars and pointed out a large sailboat in the in the ocean bay with the name on the back stern that read Joe and Roses Serendipity.

Joe and Roses faces glowed with delight.

Saint Peter then explained the private golf course in their backyard was unique because the course would automatically change every week so they would never be bored golfing for eternity.

Saint Peter then took them to the Golf Course Private Club House  and began showing them all the steaks, shell fish, soda pop, pastries, and ice cream selections they could now eat, even though on earth, while they craved the foods, they knew they were not healthy.

“Rose, you never will have to cook again.”

Saint Peter then commented to Joe that his records showed how much he hated bran muffins, and he commented.

“And Joe, the only thing you will never find on the clubhouse menu is bran muffins.

When Joe heard that his facial expression began to glow red as it changed from a great big smile into a look of anger and consternation.

Saint Peter noticed and asked what was the matter.

Joe truned to his wife and started shouting.

“You and your bran muffins. If I didn’t have to eat them, I could have been here twenty years ago.”

King Solomon

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief. (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

The balance and true scales are Yahweh’s concern; all the weights in the bag are his affair. (Proverb 16:11)

What is My Point?

My point being that no one on earth is capable to ever understand God’s mysteries no matter how long he or hard he or she search with the limited knowledge of mankind. So why fuss and waste your time worrying and trying to figure everything out that you are not capable of understanding. The  result of all your efforts will only be sorrow and grief.

In other words, we don’t really know how our deeds will be balanced by Yahweh and what our Pearly Gates reward will be.

Perhaps, if we live wisely according to the advice in the Bible, we may either be rewarded like Joe and Rose, or be given a tent to live in a marsh, depending on our good deeds and virtues we accomplish in life.

We do know that if we live and eat a healthy lifestyle, the odds are we will live longer on earth.

Perhaps living longer will give us a longer time to stack up good deed points towards Joe and Rose’s reward? Maybe Joe would not have been so quick to anger if he understood Rose’s Bran Muffins earned them more time to earn a greater reward?

You Decide 

Are you living wisely and gathering weight in your bag to balance the scales when your time comes to enter the Pearly Gates?

Are you living healthy in order to live longer in order to gather more points?


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