Are Politicians who leak information to the press wicked or evil?

Trying to Negotiate the USA immigration mess that has resulted from politicians turning a blind eye for over thirty-five years will frustrate any businessman manager.

Having sat in business meetings for over fifty years and observing various styles of managers when faced with problems that require immediate decision making and action, I heard many frustrated remarks come out of the mouths of managers. Many would become visibly upset when faced with inaction or indecisiveness, or inadequate unsound reasoning or statements made by people they manage who are paid to get results.

However, in a business management meeting, there is one taboo that everyone attending the meeting knew well. That is everyone in a managers meeting would not repeat one word or message to anyone outside that meeting. To do so was was to violate trust and loyalty to the manager, and knowledge that if they were a “messenger” or a “leakey” they would be fired.

In other words, their message would not be healthy for either the company or themselves.

King Solomon

A wicked messenger falleth into mischief: but a faithful ambassador is health. (Proverb 13:16)

A wicked messenger falleth into mischief,…. That does not do his errand right, nor deliver his message faithfully; such an one falls from the degree of honour in which he was into disgrace; he loses his master’s favour that sent him; he is degraded from his post and office: he falls “by evil”, or “into evil” 

In My Opinion

We need to pray for President Trump’s health and stamina. He needs to realize that  he is sitting in a meeting comprised of politicians who have been making a living, some for decades, and allowed the immigration problem to continue without any action for thirty-five years. Trump somehow needs to recognize and understand they do not have the same management skills or mentality as a businessman.

Also, for some reason, they may not have any “degree of honor.”

You Decide

Do you believe whoever leaked President Trumps frustrated remark to the press was a messenger for mischief the  health of  the USA?

Are the politicians leaking information from President Trump meetings wicked or evil messengers?

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