How much does it cost to borrow the dollars being paid by real taxpayers to support and subsidize refugees into the USA? 

A Chicago Tribune columnist stated that President Trump is a racist.

A racist being someone who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

In Chicago, in certain areas of the city, there are impoverished unemployed black workers living in a city that is too broke to subsidize their education, job opportunities, medical health benefits,  or employment training to help them out of poverty.

The question is why does the government subsidize non-citizens in the USA in amounts exceeding billions of  dollars a year, year after year, on borrowed money, instead of using the money to help USA citizens?

Is the columnist not being a racist by favoring others, or being prejudiced against Chicago blacks by discriminating against them from receiving and using the yearly billions of dollars instead?

Imagine Yourself as President

You know and understand first hand, the real expenses of subsidizing immigrants flowing unchecked into the USA, and how badly millions of USA citizens are impoverished, with over 50 million on food stamps, watching the USA being sold h piece by piece to foreign interests with accumulated dollars from imbalanced trade caused by outsourcing their USA manufacturing jobs, would that frustrate you.

Every day, you hear and read bias news reporter columnists call him racist for being pragmatic in the interests of USA citizens, taxpayers, middle class, one percenters, who actually pay taxes while the other 50 percent do not because they do not make enough money to pay taxes.

To make matters worse, the billions a year is borrowed money to be paid by their children which results in their future being limited because when you pay borrowed money back, it means less they will have.

King Solomon, Song of Songs Verse

6 Don’t stare at me because I’m dark. The sun has made my skin look like this. My brothers burned with anger against me. They made me take care of the vineyards. I haven’t even taken care of my own vineyard. 

Think About These Two Verses

“My brothers burned with anger against me.”

“I haven’t even taken care of my own vineyard”

In My Opinion

If interested, read what the columnist wrote, and what it costs to support non-USA citizens, and who is really paying taxes, in the Source Links below.

Note that if the refugees remained in their own countries, the billions of dollars would go way further if spent in the refugee countries than in the USA.

You Decide

If after reading, does this information frustrate you in the least?

Is it being prejudiced to believe impoverished refugees are superior to be favored over USA impoverished citizens?

Is it about time to take care of our own vineyards?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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