What would you or King Solomon consider the greatest measurement core value would exalt any nation?

A news columnist wrote an auricle in the Chicago Tribune titled, Is diversity a strength, and should strength be a core value, which contained the following Excerpts. 

Diversity  Excerpts

“What if diversity isn’t our strength?”

“Diversity has always been our strength.”

“In other words, all these analogies can take you only so far.”

“Americanism is increasing taboo.”

Strength Excerpts

“Strength has always struck me as a strange ideal for a democracy,”

“Donald Trump’s rhetoric,”

“The Bill of Rights is all about constraining the power of Government”

“Debate on both sides”

What is My Point?

If interested, after reading the article in the Source below, read what I surmised King Solomon answered the Queen of Sheba to be the most important core value to exalt a nation.

You Decide

What words or actions would you rather use to describe the basic core values of our nation?

Do you believe the actions we read and hear in the news exalts what you chose?

Would our nation be a better place if we all believed and practices what King Solomon answered about what he believed should be the core value to exalt a nation in the eyes of God and all nations?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


Chicago Tribune HERE

King Solomon HERE