Today the cards are being laid out on the table in the Senate? Will Senator Durbin have the higher cards, (votes) to win his gamble to reveal or accuse President Trump of his remark? 

Why did Senator Durbin reveal or accuse President Trump’s alleged  remark to the press? (Original Post 1/17/2018)

King Solomon

Truthful speech lasts forever, but false speech only for a moment. (Proverb 12:19)

Senator D. Durbin

Senator Durbin of Illinois has sat in countless meetings in his longtime public career and most likely knows that his accusation of President Trump will result in him becoming a “dead man walking” in Congress.

No GOP member, now in power will ever trust him ever again or invite him into any meeting of consequence while President Trump Is in power.

Being a long time Senator of the State of Illinois, he had to rub elbows over time with the three Illinois Governors sentenced to jail terms. He has no proof positive on tape on Trump, unlike the vulgar remarks of Senator Joe Biden made while the mike was on.

I wrote two previous posts in the last week about the lack of wisdom of a Staff member revealing what was said in a Staff meeting, and betraying the trust and loyalty of the person in authority who invited him or her.

So why did he gamble to do what he did? I will surmise why, in my opinion.

What was Durbin’s Motives??

Senator Durban is the main sponsor of the Dreamers Act  which never has been passed in Congress. He may believe this will be his last term in office because of age or health, or because being the Democratic Whip in the minority party is basically a powerless position in the Senate.

He also is the Senator who nominated Obama to run as President. When Obama won, he obviously gained some political favor points and advantage to obtain grants and favors for Illinois.

Under Trump, there is no such advantage.

However, in Trump’s bipartisan televised meeting last week, Durbin sat on the right hand side of President Trump probably because the meeting was about DACA and immigration which Durbin has always been in favor of amnesty.

The next bipartisan meeting, the probability of Durbin ever sitting anywhere near Trump or even be invited are probably nil.

In other words, when Durbin gambled on telling the press about the alleged remark, it was a premeditated gamble. He obviously knew it would upset Trump,

So, what is the prize that Durbin gambled for is the subject of this post.

What I Surmise

Durbin wants the DACA Bill passed without any strings attached to end immigrant lottery, or to prevent a naturalized citizen from petitioning to allow them to bring in relatives, some bring 20 or more, and the wall.

Durbin must have a  reason, and a purpose in mind to not want to change any present immigration laws which have never been addressed since the last amnesty thirty five years ago. Why?

The Whys, In My Opinion

Part may be he wants his name to be his legacy of his career and his name being adorned as the man who was responsible for the Dreamer Act. Even though his accusation damaged USA relations with other nations.

He hates Trump because he is the antithesis of Obama and his political global world agenda. In spite of what the voters hated, or the reason why Trump was elected, because voters were  sick and tired of ineffective politicians promises that disappear in a swamp after an election.

He wants the Dream Act passed and is gambling that Trump wants the budget passed so the GOP will not be blamed for a government shutdown.

All above are minor possible reasons. However, the biggest major reason is Durbin is gambling if DACA is passed by his gamble, the result will be there will be 800, 000 grateful voters to thank him in the next election by voting Democrat. Plus, the possibility of the Dreamer’s grateful parents. More than enough votes to win the next election from the GOP

You Decide

Why else would he betray Trump? Please don’t tell me it was for some idealist truthful reason though.

Which of the above reasons do you think may be the truth. or my wise,  or foolish suppositions?

What would you do if you were Trump?

We will know by this Friday whether Durbin’s gamble pays off because the USA Government will shut  down all government spending if  another budget extension agreement is not  approved.

In Any Case,

Will the truth ever be revealed in time as King Solomon proverb advised 3000 years ago.

If Interested

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Regards and goodwill blogging.

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