If politicians would run our government same as a private business, they would be bankrupt in a short term, in my opinion.

Citizen Tom wrote a post titled, What Does a Christian Government Look Like, Part One. He mentioned his reason was in part a spin off to a previous post of mine titled, King Solomon, Proverbs and Politics.

I compared politicians to vendors in business and gave my following opinions why Christians should do in the very least as what a typical purchasing agent does everyday in business. If interested, read the following.

What and Why?

When a purchasing agent makes a purchase, he or she makes a decision to trust a vendor to provide a service or part according to the purchase promise.

A written purchase order is issued for evidence of any significant purchase to prevent disputes by providing evidence of what was purchased and the terms of the agreement. If a dispute is brought before a court, the written purchase order or contract will take precedence over oral arguments.

The purchasing agent will have a system to follow up numerous vendor purchases and vendor promises to do, or provide their product or service  in a timely manner. Vendors who turn out to be unreliable may require the buyer to cancel the order if possible according to a set of Business Law well defined laws.

However, only a fool buyer would ever place another order with a known unreliable source ever again, especially if it requires a lawyer to become involved.


If voters would consider their votes in the same manner as would a purchasing agent, how many two term politicians would be rehired?

What’s My Point?

Proverbs give clues of guidance for voters from past observations, who not to trust. The 1980 reference gave guidance for Christians to become involved in politics of our nation. In the very least to choose legislators with character they may trust to do what they promise when they campaign.

For Example, Proverb Chapter 16

11 The Lord wants weights and measures to be honest and every sale to be fair. 12Kings cannot tolerate evil, because justice is what makes a government strong. 13 A king wants to hear the truth and will favor those who speak it. 

In My Opinion

Trust is what the USA entire economic supply chains of businesses conform to contribute to growing both parties, buyer and vendor, to conduct and profit in the present and future.

Newt Gingrich was fairly successful when he introduced his “Contract with America.”

We voters need to become involved in making our contract terms and choices to trust legislators to be accountable to live up to our beliefs of what will benefit both our present and future road directions for ourselves, family, and nation.

For example, today’s immigration is a hot topic in the news. A simple promise is to secure our borders. Once secure, a promise to find a fair solution to resolve the issue that legislators of the past ignored for 35  years, a fair and equitable immigration system for the best interests of God and our nation.

Sadly, the reason we need immigrants is because every year, the USA aborts one million babies and at the same time, allows one million immigrants to legally enter the USA.

In Other Words

Stop electing legislators who do not understand proverbial wisdom to help guide them. To guide them  not alter the weights and measures, tolerate evil, and falsehoods. Because when we do not follow up and allow legislators not to provide what they promise, it is an injustice in and to our nation.

Ask them to sign a contract what they promise to accomplish and how they will their promises before we vote for them. Then compare their written promises to their performance. at the next election.

Same as what business managers do every year in their performance reviews.

Same as faith believers believe their Creator will do when their term is up.

That is what a Christion Government should look and do, in my opinion.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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