Should you be concerned if a gun owner is a user of legalized marijuana?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Firearm-owning pot fans face choices, addresses the conflict of Federal laws that prohibit a pot user from being a gun owner.

Marijuana is classified as a drug regardless if whether it is legal or not. That brings up a question in my mind about the following statement.

“Where you find drugs, you are going to find violence,” Ervin said. “There has been a laxer attitude of possession and delivery of narcotics. It has emboldened the climbing violence.”

King Solomon

Wine is a scoffer, strong drink a roisterer; He who is muddled by them will not grow wise. Do not be of those who guzzle wine. Who cries, “Woe!” who, “Alas!” Who has quarrels, who complaints; Who has wounds without cause; Who has bleary eyes? Those whom wine keeps till the small hours, Those who gather to drain the cups. Do not ogle that red wine As it lends its color to the cup, As it flows on smoothly; In the end, it bites like a snake. Proverbs 20:1; 23:20, 29-32

What’s My Point?

There is no direct reference to drugs in the above proverbs. However, I believe it is appropriate to compare the effects of wine to drugs effects though because it often seems that proponents for legalized marijuana compare the effects of alcohol being legal, so why not marijuana?

Does that relate to the same statement about drugs and violence? In other words, if there are more users of legalized marijuana once legalized, it obviously will become more available to everyone including minors.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of people who will buy alcohol for minors if there is something or somehow rewarding for the buyers.

In My Opinion

The article also includes a statement that I have expressed previously made about legal identification requirements for users.

“,,,,,,people who use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes should be required to have a designation on their drivers licenses. That would make it easier for police to enforce the ban.”

You Decide

Illinois is having a March Referendum for voters to choose if they approve of legalized marijuana.

Should voters read about the harmful statistically results that occurred in other States before they vote?

Then relate what could possible risks of increased violence in Chicago especially, in neighborhoods and streets and roads they drive as they wander about in theirs and their loved ones daily lives?

Does anyone in Illinois really believe the Voter Referendum or Legalized Marijuana Law, if enacted, will state anything about gun or drivers license requirements on the referendum?”

Was drugs the reason for early death of Elvis?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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