Will the Democrats ever win another election?

It has been over a year since President Trump entered the White House. I was curious to look back at previous posts to remember why Democrats lost the last election to see if they have done anything to change course to win the next election.

In the coming week, the budget issue will come up again. The question is whether the Democrat’s will decide to shut the Government down again will be decided by Democrats. DACA, an immigration issue, was their main concern for not agreeing to the last budget debate.

I wonder what that issue had to do with the main reason they lost the last election and what have they done in the last year to correct that reason.

What Was the Reason They Lost?

If interested, read a previous post and a commentary why they lost in the Source Links below. Then if still interested, consider all they have done in the past year to correct the issues why they lost.

In My Opinion

All I ever seem to read and hear about the Democrats is voicing ad hominem attacks about Donald Trump personal style of leadership without any recommendations. I hear and read it in the national news media, late night show hosts, Hollywood galas, etc. etc.

To put it another way, all I hear is moaning and groaning and no plans or proposed solutions by the Democrat Party to convince voters in the next election how they would solve the main reasons why they lost the last election.

In contrast, Trump appears to addressing all the campaign promises he made in a prioritized agenda.

For Example,

On the immigration issue, President Trump campaigned he would end the problem of unchecked illegal immigration that has lingered for 35 years since the last amnesty. What is the Democrat plan other than to grant amnesty to DACA, but how will they end the 35 year lingering problem?

The Democrats never had a problem on spending when Obama ran up 9 trillion dollars in National Debt. Now, all of a sudden, they are concerned, yet they have no propose solution how to curtail Government spending to reduce the debt or solve the immigration problem.

King Solomon

When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. (Proverb 29:2)

You Decide

Are the Democrats groaning because Trump is wicked, or is trying to fulfill his campaign promises?

Who thrived, or was hurt most under Obama, according to the Source commentary?

Do the Democrats have any better solutions to propose other than ad hominem moaning and groaning, in the next election?

Source Link

To understand Trump’s win, get off the highway (November 11, 2016)


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