Does Wisdom provide us a simple clue to recognize what is wise or foolish?

The question I pose is there a common simple clue, and simple answer, for everyone to discern in advance whether their logic and reasoning  is wise or foolish before they decide to engage in an action?

I believe King Solomon gave us two simple proverbial clues.

King Solomon

Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished, but those who are righteous will go free.(Proverb 11:21)

Folly brings joy to one who has no sense, but whoever has understanding keeps a straight course.(Proverb 15:21)

What’s My Point?

If a person is wise, he or she will first seek to understand, obtain knowledge, in order to discern the wisdom to anticipate the risks, consequences, rewards or punishment before engaging in an action.

Whether the course of their action is to obtain a simple pleasure, a meaningful result, a simple joy, health, wealth, long life, friend or intimate relationship, or any positive circumstance for themselves, family, friends, and/or community..

They will have sense to understand what is wise and righteous  action, or service, versus a foolish endeavor before they proceed.

I believe there is a simple clue. The clue is there will be no punishment for accomplishing the task.

Whether the punishment for the action is because it relates to a religious law or belief, a court of law, a scientific proven fact, or perhaps a natural law.

To put in another way, Newton Third Law of Physics is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In wisdom, every action is either wise of foolish. Wise if it produces a positive result, foolish if it produces a negative result.

The negative being a form of a natural or human inflicted punishment.

For Example

If  a couple will engage in unprotected sex,  a child may be conceived. Rather than bring them joy, they will perceive a child as punishment and decide to abort, (kill) the unborn child.

Or the couple may become infected with a STD, if one partner has been infected.

If someone drinks alcohol to excess, or ngests by smoking or harmful drugs to bring immediate pleasure, the result in time will be future health consequences.

Exceed a speed limit, may  result in a ticket, or an accident.

Tell you boss to go to Hades, get fired.

Etc. etc.

If You Are Now Thinking……

Why am I reading this post. everybody knows this.

I ask you to discern the answer to the clue of why it is that everyday, we hear, see, or read about fools in the news about the results of people who engage in foolish decisions knowing that they are going to be punished in time?

Clue Answer

According to King Solomon, the answer is, anyone who knows in advance they will be punished for an action they decide to engage in, is frankly,…sadly,… simply,… a senseless fool.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


My answer assumes a person was of sound mind before he or she decides to choose to proceed in a folly. There are medical opinions that a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs should be classified a disease. If the disease is caused by a birth defect, or stress, my above answer does not include them.

However, if a person chose in a free will decision to indulge in alcohol or drugs, will a medical conundrum, or a clue, may be involved which may be a cause or result in a mental condition or disease?

 I am not qualified to answer any medical answer. I do know once a person is addicted, they no longer are capable to control their body, and perhaps their mind.

I wonder then if it is wise for a Legislator to vote to approve legalizing a drug such as marijuana, which is medically proven to affect brain functions.

Does that mean the Legislator will make a foolish decision to create more fools?

You decide.

If I was a Legislator, I would not vote to approve legal recreational marijuana.

Perhaps we need to include medically qualified people, rather than only Legislators with law degrees, to make the decision to legalize recreational marijuana?