What differentiates “just any man” from a “just man?”

Every day lately, we seem to read and hear in the news another “me too” experience.

What can women do to cut down the risks of a “me too” experience in our culture where women no longer wear ancient garb and veils, as they go about their business and work along side the opposite sex and date in modern times?

Perhaps they should become familiar with identifying “just any man” from a “just man?” There is a simple clue, not perfect by any means, assuming a woman and man both believe and act uniformly as “just men and women.”

Recognizing in our modern world culture, there will be numerous  temptations loaded with  entrapment that may cause both sexes to easily stumble, fall into distress and various calamities in life.

Three thousand years ago, King Solomon observed his subjects and wrote an proverb to describe a “ just man’s” attributes versus “just any man’s” other kind of man he describes as wicked, and laying in wait to do hurt in a dwelling to create a “me too” experience.

King Solomon

For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.(Proverb 24:16)


….lay not wait to a just man’s dwelling to do him any hurt; for though he should be ensnared, and stumble, and fall into distress and calamity, yet he will rise again out of it, and so all attempts upon him are vain and fruitless; many are the righteous man’s afflictions he falls into, but the Lord delivers out of all; he delivers him in six troubles, and even in seven,

but the wicked shall fall into mischief; or “evil” (q); into the evil of sin, and there lie and wallow in it, as the swine in the mire, and never rise out of it; and into the evil of punishment, into hell itself,  

Clue to Differentiate……..

Just Any Man – Every breathing male.

Just Man – A man who has stopped all rebellion against God.

In Other Words

A wise woman should be aware and on guard from an unwanted advance from every breathing male. If she is seeking a life partner for marriage, she should seek out a “just man” and avoid any advances from “just any man,” in my opinion.

Both men and women will in life continually be confronted with sexual desires. A just man will fall (be tempted) seven times according to the proverb. but overcome the temptations with the acceptance, free from rebellion, of his religious faith.

The wicked will not.

If Interested,

Read a more detailed religion description how to identify a just man in the Source Links  Below

In My Opinion

This clue is not meant to discourage any woman from speaking out if and when confronted by a male predator. It is only a wisdom clue how to hopefully reduce the risk of encountering a “me too” experience.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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