Are “quickly” and “wisely”  oxymoron words used to explain legalized recreational marijuana?

I read the Chicago Tribune Editorial on Sunday February 11,2018. Two sides were presented on the issue.  I also agree with the last statement to not act quickly, but to act “wisely.”

However, aside from the sentence being an oxymoron, the editorial overlooked another side issue.

Absent is the health issue that pot has been medically proven to debilitate the human brain over time. For this reason, any action to legalize recreational pot can never be wise. Which is why the statement is an oxymoron because it is never wise to seek pleasure for a laugh that will shorten your normal life span and may end in grief according to two wisdom verses.

King Solomon

For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life. (Proverb 9:11)

Even in laughter the heart may ache, and rejoicing may end in grief. (Proverb 14:13)

Substance Differences

While cigarettes will destroy your lungs and harden your arteries over time. Alcohol will destroy your liver over time. Pot will destroy your brain over time. However, we already know the potential risks of driving while intoxicated can be deadly, not only for the driver but for the general public sharing public roads. Fortunately, if driving, it takes longer to debilitate a brain by drinking alcohol, a single reefer works quicker than alcohol.

In My Opinion

The truth of the issue, other than Legislators love more taxes, is the Legislators want to do is the same thing an inept parent will do to quiet a spoiled child (voter) baby whenever he or she starts crying for candy. The inept legislator parents know the sugar in the candy is going to affect or sicken them ( effect their brains, or, rot their teeth) and make them act even worse than before after they give them the candy. (Drive and kill or harm themselves and someone else.)

You Decide

Is it wise or foolish to legalize recreational pot in addition to alcohol knowing it will certainly cause more roadway accidents pain and grief and death.

Should the States that now legalize recreational marijuana put the same warning labels that cigarettes now have after causing millions of people to die of lung cancer.

Do you ever wonder why neither Legislators, nor Mass Media ever bring up anything about the health detriments of marijuana when in their discussions?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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