Clinton Uranium Deal back in the news. Still no answer to this question two years later? (Original Post 3/10/2016)

Why such a brief reporting of this latest aspect of the Iran Nuclear Agreement?
Would someone please explain a little more about this deal?  Donald Trump keeps saying our trade negotiators are stupid (foolish). This very brief news report “did not disclose the sales financial aspects.”

Why am I concerned? Read on.

I am concerned because the brief reporting does not explain how much the US is paying US dollars for 32 tons of heavy water produced in Iran. Also it does not explain the financial aspects what Russia paid for 10 tons of heavy water in comparison to what the US paid. Also the reasons why “Iran imported 140 tons of 3.5 percent of enriched Uranium. from Russia.  “Iran imported 140 tons of uranium ore concentrate that is convertible to enriched uranium, from Moscow.”

In a previous post, I stated that Hillary Clinton approved the sale of a US uranium mine to Russia when she was Secretary of State because Russia needs uranium. If so why did Russia trade uranium to Iran?

Why Such a Brief Reporting?

My suspicion is that our trade negotiators do not want the details made known during the Presidential primary election now taking place. My imagination is now running wild. I am surmising that the US is paying approximately fifteen million for the Iran produced heavy water adding to our twenty trillion Nations Debt using borrowed money because the current budget is more than current tax revenues.

I also surmise that Russia traded uranium ore instead of paying their currency for the ten tons of Iranian heavy water. The uranium ore value was probably higher than the ten tons of heavy water, so Iran is probably using the US dollars paid by the US  to Iran in turn to Russia.

Will Russia use the US dollars to help pay for the US Uranium mine that Hillary Clinton approved to sell to Russia possibly in return for a donation? Citing Canadian tax records, the Times reported that Telfer’s family foundation donated a total of $2.35 million to the Clinton and Giustra charities between 2009 and 2012.”

In other words, did the US outsource making heavy water and agree to buy from Iran every year during the ten year agreement so Iran can continue production of heavy water that the US was concerned that Iran would use to make nuclear weapons in the future. So the US shuts down its capabilities and relies on Iran? Mindboggling folly?

I could be wrong, but what if I am right?

King Solomon

Buy truth, and do not sell it, Get wisdom and instruction and understanding. (Proverb 23:23)

yea, it signifies a person’s parting with everything for it that is required; as with his former errors he has been brought up in, or has imbibed; with his good name and reputation, being willing to be accounted a fool or a madman (Gils Bible Excerpt)

Please Keep this Post Secret from Donald Trump. Why?

Because if my suspicions are right, he may go off again on another tirade about how stupid (foolish) our US trade negotiators are.

If  my suspicions are wrong, then how about someone in Congress ask for an explanation and report a little bit more than a brief news article that was “absent of any financial aspects. “

Also, I am not a nuclear expert, but can anyone also explain if uranium can be used to make nuclear bombs?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


Chicago Tribune News Briefing March 9, 2016