Reason why President Trump proposal to maintain One Million immigrants a year for 10 years?

I read an article titled, White House floats an offer to keep legal immigration at one milion per year,  White House floats an offer to keep legal immigration at 1 million per year instead of cutting it.

Why are both the proposal reasons both a practical and needed proposal to benefit both the USA and immigrants. Everyone knows President Trump concerns about controlling illegal immigration and the border, etc, etc.


Why would he now propose to continue bring in a million legal immigrants a year?

If interested, I will tell you the answer, but first explain why legal immigrants are both needed and should be welcomed into the USA.


One necessary way to maintain, grow and increase our nation’s vibrant economy of four percent a year is to grow the population four percent a year. More law abiding people working and buying goods, paying taxes, results in more goods being bought and sold in increasing amounts.

Also, an aging population and workers will die in time and need to be replaced to maintain rather than shrink the economy.

King Solomon

A large population is a king’s glory, but without subjects a prince is ruined (Proverb 14:28)


Every wise woman buildeth her house,….

but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands; the Vulgate Latin version adds, “being built”; this she does by her idleness and laziness; by her lavish and profuse way of living; by her negligence and want of economy; by her frequenting playhouses, and attention to other diversions; and so her family and the affairs of it go to wreck and ruin. 

In Other Words

Throughout history, most cultures identify their nations to being ”their mother nation” in various senses. For Example, a nation harvest feeds, provides shelter, clothes with sheeps wool fed on the land, etc. etc.

Kill the soil or give up your land for foolish reasons is folly for future generations. 


The reason reason why one million immigrants are needed in the USA is because American women abort approximately one million of their babies every year.

You Decide

Wise or Foolish Proposal?

Wise or Foolish Reasons?

Joyful or Sad Answer?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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