Who should pay medical costs for victims of gun violence?

Today’s news is again is about a call for more Government gun control after the latest mass shooting in Florida. In a previous post I explained my amazement of how easy it is for anyone to purchase an AR-!5 type assault weapon of the shelf in minutes compared to waiting days to purchase a handgun.

While demands are now centering on lawmakers for stricter licensing which may have prevented the Florida shootings, perhaps temporary for a few more days, it would not have done anything for the Las Vegas shooting in my opinion.

Which brings up the question, not intended to exclude the cost of the emotional costs of human tragedy,  of who pays now for the medical costs of victims with or without medical insurance and how much doe it cost a year?

“Gun violence costs our nation more than $700 million each year in medical bills for initial hospitalizations alone, not including follow-up care or other economic impacts.”

In other words, everyone in the USA pays in either personal or government paid insurances.

Is this wise or foolish?

King Solomon

It is by justice that a king makes a country stable, but one who levies taxes makes a ruin of it. (Proverb 29:4)

Rightful Taxation

Rightful taxation is the price of social order. In other words, it is that portion of the citizen’s property which he yields up to the government in order to provide for the protection of all the rest. It is not to be wantonly levied on the citizen, nor levied at all except in return for benefits conferred. ~Journal of the Senate of the State of Ohio: Being the First Session of the Forty-Sixth General Assembly, held in the city of Columbus, commencing on December 6, 1847, Vol. XLVI, reported by Mr. Archbold

What’s My Point

The people who should pay for the costs should be the people who in return for the “benefits conferred.” Who are these people who benefit from selling and owning guns in the USA?

In My Opinion

Instead of making all taxpayers pay for government administrations costs to lincense and background check anyone who wants to own a gun in accordance to their Constitutional Rights, just require all gunowners to have liability insurance issued by private insurers.

Private insurances will do a far better and more effective task of accessing the liability risks of a person who has a need for a gun than the government.

And since gunowners are the people for benefits conferred, their insurance payments should pay for the medical costs rather than nonowners.

What About Illegal Gunowners?

I believe the gunmakers should also carry liability insurance since they too are receiving “benefits incurred.”

In other words, our Nation is being ruined by both taxes and actions of law breakers.

Similar as King Solomon’s Nation, was ruined 3000 years ago. Solomon levied higher taxes on the Northern providences than on the Southern Providences and that led to a breakup of his Kingdom.

Same analogy that non gunowners and law abiding are paying for gunowners and criminals..

You Decide

Do you believe something should be done to prevent continued risk of gun violence by the owners of the estimated 300 million guns in the USA?

Do you have any confidence that stricter gun background checks by Government Agencies would be more effective than private insurers?

Do you believe a private insurer would charge a higher cost for liability insurance to a buyer of an 100 bullet capacity AR-15 or similar assault weapon, than a buyer of a small capacity rifle or handgun?

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