Interested in reading some political gibberish and/or good sense comments on a couple hot blog topics?

Citizen Tom’s Conservative Commentary and Christian Blog has two posts that recorded close to two hundred comments. I recommend reading if you are interested in great blog commentary with pro and con political opinions and viewpoints.

I commented using the word “gibberish” on one subject and believe it might well describe some of  the various other comments, in my opinion.

 Definition – Gibberish


unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense.

“he talks gibberish”

synonyms: nonsense, garbage, balderdash, blather, rubbish; More
King Solomon

The wise get all the knowledge they can, but when fools speak, trouble is not far off.   (Proverb 10:14)

If you have good sense, you will learn all you can, but foolish talk will soon destroy you. Good News Translation

What’s My Point?          

I am not judging which comments are gibberish. I will leave it up to you. My point is reading the blog comments is a way to obtain knowledge of what is on the minds of people with opposing views. Perhaps understanding might even lead to political compromises?

However, some of the opinions are destructive, in my opinion, not only to each other but to our Nation.

In My Opinion

Both political parties need to stop drawing lines in the sand and making political decisions based on a “falling in line” with all the issues of a one and only political party agenda.

You Decide

If interested, read the various comments which vary all over the map from the original topic. Then decide which ones are gibberish, which ones make good sense, and which ones may  lead on to destroy our Nation?

Do you believe there is any hope that some moderate compromises between the present two political parties may prevent the present anarchy, dissention, and disunity evident in our Nation between the two political parties?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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