Another example in the news today about another wise German Bayer Buyout of USA Monsanto Chemical.

Will US Regulators approve the merger now that the EU did three days ago. Will the end result be a German owned monopoly of the US fertilizer market? If so, it will be just one more step in USA firms being bought out by using the dollars they accumulated from USA deficit trade balances.  

If interested, I have added the following link on this issue HERE to compare to my post of 9?16/2016. 

I hate being a ‘I told you so,’ kind of guy but perhaps we voters need a reminder to help us decide who to choose in November to be the wiser, more experienced and knowledgeable Presidential leader to help end the sellout of USA Farmland and Business for wampum US dollars.

In order to ‘I tell you so,’ I will recap some of my previous posts about the subject of unbalanced trade being the root cause of the current ‘fire-sale’ taking place of USA assets to foreign holders of US dollars accumulated by the inept foolish USA trade negotiator agreements.

Read them if you are interested in the future of your children and grandchildren.

Explanations in Previous Posts, (Sources Below)

Why German leaders have surplus trade balances compared to USA trade deficits.

Why German workers are paid higher wages than US workers instead of other foreign workers who are paid $200 a month. Meanwhile USA workers have to pay $800 a month rent plus $800 a month for Obamacare unless they are the 50 million USA on food stamps, rent subsidies, Medicaid, etc. The result is USA workers can never compete with lower foreign labor, including horse trading in currency manipulations.

Why USA children will cry when they read history books in the future about how our generation sold USA land for wampum dollars, same as the American Indians sold Manhattan Island to the settlers for wampum beads.

Why Canada and Mexico will not allow foreign ownership of farmland while the USA is having a fire-sell going on now of both land and businesses to foreign interest.

How USA workers have lost livable wages and benefits as a result of elitist economic policies. In regard to work benefits, a 89  year-old man in Chicago having trouble pushing his ice cream cart and some good Samaritans noticed and raised over three  hundred thousand dollars to help aid him. ( I may write a post to explain why the USA is returning to push carts to survive economically.)

Donald Trump stated in his Flint Michigan visit to the water plant fiasco today that at one time there were 82,000 auto workers. Today there 8000 and Mexico. that used to be known for bad water, it is now Flint, Michigan that is known for bad water, and cars are now made in Mexico instead of Flint.

Why Warren Buffet presented a simple way to balance trade when he recognized the harm of unbalanced trade. His plan never made it out of our special interest Congress.

Why eighty percent of all stocks are owned by only twenty percent of  people in both USA and foreign interests.

Why German Owned Bayer (Bought from USA) Now Wants Monsanto

They know USA dollars are wampum in future appreciation value same as land appreciated more than wampum beads.

They want to use Bayer chemical technology to develop greater farm yields with the use of GMO, Generic Modified Organism seeds which Europe will not approve for their use. Who really knows the long term detriment effects of human health of GMO plants? France labels them as Frankenstein seeds and laws prevent their use in France. Meanwhile, in the USA, people are flocking to Whole Foods if they can afford natural food prices. Are those who can’t, Guinee Pigs to GMO technology? You decide.

Another reason the CEO’s are selling USA regulators to approve the merger is farmland in the future must produce higher yields to support growing populations. Meanwhile, madness and folly is USA farmland is being used to grow corn for motor fuel energy instead of whole foods while at the same time gas prices are tanking.

In My Opinion

In another previous post I asked who do you trust to negotiate trade agreements. I voted for Obama in his first election run because he promised to renegotiate all trade agreements. He did not. Either did his Korean trade negotiation add 75,000 USA jobs as promised. Instead it added to USA trade deficits. His TPP trade deal he now wants to pass does not have any provisions to remedy trade imbalances either, same as NAFTA, China did not.

Even though the WTO, World Trade Organization states in their model trade agreements that unbalanced trade is harmful to trade partners.

In another post, I stated everyone who feels they do not like either presidential choice and will not vote should consider just one issue which personally effects their opinion. I am voting for Trump. You decide who you trust to renegotiate future trade agreements. Clinton lost my vote when she approved the sale of twenty percent of US uranium mines to Russia.

The present USA trade deficits this year alone is 800 billion dollars. If those dollars would have remained in the USA, our infrastructures would not be crumbling and would be comparable to advanced German and China modern building and investment in those nations. That would be a significant job creator of livable wages instead of minimum wages stocking shelves with imported products in US retail stores.and being eligible for food stamps. etc.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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