writing the best, wisest, and saddest reasons why she voted no to legalized recreation marijuana.

Dahleen Glanton wrote a column in the Chicago Tribune titled, Should pot be legal? Simple question, but a complicated answer. She may not know it, but the answer and issue becomes a lot simpler to understand when you reach my age.

Her column begins with prudent reasons why she voted no to the Cook County Referendum. If interested, why her column gives the best, wisest, and saddest reasons, in my opinion, read on.

Why Best?

Dahleen begins by explaining what she experienced when she was young, and what everyone will experience once in far greater numbers in their lives over and over, once legalized recreational marijuana is available in every community in Cook County.

In other words, how peer pressure will introduce many young people at the most vulnerable times in their lives,  to be influenced to experiment with pot. Medical studies have proven that some people have less tolerance than others and the result may lead to them becoming addicted to marijuana, and later to more potent drugs.

Why Wisest?

To begin with, It will make it more challenging to heed the 3000 year old wisdom of proverbs chapters 23 and 24 warnings about alcohol and drugs in the Source Links below.

We all will do foolish things in life, especially when we are young and foolish, in spite of wise warnings. Some things more foolish than others as proven ever since the beginning of recorded time starting with Adam and Eve.

Why Saddest?

When you reach my age and remember back experiences in your youth what Dahleen described, you may find that those friends have not only passed from your acquaintance, they have passed from life.

It is also a medical fact that people who smoked or take drugs, do not on average live as long as people who do not as I explained in a previous post.

While many may have been casual acquaintances, friends, or relatives, the saddest reason is after they pass from life, you still miss them.  

In My Opinion

There was a movie about a guy who built a ballpark in the middle of nowhere. When asked why, he said what everyone knows about the pleasures many people may enjoy when they experience  playing or watching a ballgame.

“Build it and they will come.”

As for how this applies to a 77 year-old reasoning about legalize recreational marijuana, I say this.

“Make drugs more available and more will become addicted and more will probably die younger.”

My Kudos to Dahleen Glanton for reminding me in her column of the same experience with peers I had also experienced when I was young. Sadly though, all of them who took that first puff, are now gone.  (S. J. T.)

Will you vote yes, or no when it comes your time to vote for or against legalized recreational marijuana?

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