Was the ACLU responsible for the record high murders in 2016, or an ancient remedy?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Study blames “ACLU” effect for spike in Chicago’s violence in 2016, but experts differ. What was not brought up in the differences is what is probably the real contributing reason why? Was it is the result of using the same ancient remedy I surmised was explained by King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba’s question of his methods to control murders 3000 years ago.

The following is an Excerpt from a contemporary novel which explains what I surmised, based on proverbs and writings,  how King Solomon explained his wisdom to the Queen of Sheba. If interested, read the following paragraphs and keep in mind this thought.

The main reason for the majority of the Chicago murders had to do with gang revenge killings. The end result in the reduction of Chicago murders from 2016 has more to do with a mathematical reduction factor that may have resulted from the use of King Solomon’s remedy methods he used when a murder occurred in ancient Israel as explained in this novel Excerpt.


“Solomon, how does allowing avengers to settle domestic matters bring about order in your community? I would surmise that the result of revenge as a remedy for family feuds that spew hatred would only serve to increase more revengeful actions.”

“Bilqis, you may be right, however, we have no way of knowing for certain. On the other hand, because we understand all domestic acts against their neighbors are subject to family revenge rather than courts, an Israelite will think twice before committing any offense against a neighbor.”

In Other Words

The gang fools, by gang members killing each other, the result was a mathematical lessening by elimination of gang members murdering each other. The same effect in USA history of how people walked around with guns in holsters to settle their personal ‘feuding, fighting, and fussing’ among themselves.

As King Solomon answered, we have no way of knowing for certain. However we do know this, when once a gang member is shot dead, he no longer will be around to shoot someone else.

Or, in other words, the more dead members to feud with each other will mathematically decrease the number of shooters and shootings over time.

If Interested

Read both sources below and you decide which reasons for the reduction of shootings is another or real reason why gang murders are slowly being reduced in Chicago over time.

Then decide if the areas in Chicago where the most gang shootings are occurring should be renamed. For Example, instead of the Austin neighborhood, rename it to either ‘Ancient Israel Austin,’  or ‘Wild West Austin,’ or “Capone Returns Austin.’

King Solomon

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun. (Eclessiastes 1:9)

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Source Links

Chicago Trubune


King Solomon, Punishment for Fools


 Novel Excerpt 

As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka.

Available as an eBook at most sellers.  Read an excerpt by clicking below.