the other kind of marijuana that kills more slowly than synthetic marijuana?

A Chicago Tribune article titled, 1 dead as outbreak of 38 hospitalized soon after using synthetic in Illinois, explains the effects that occurred by he pot users.

 “severe bleeding, adolescences, call 911, long acting nature of this poisoning, rat poisoning, people don’t realize how dangerous this is, eyes bleeding, etc. etc.”

Chicago Tribune

Kudos for reporting the effects of synthetic marijuana mainly on adolescents in Chicago and collar counties.

Now how about reporting whet the CDC, Center for Disease Control, warns people about the long term effects of non synthetic marijuana products on users brains, lungs, and organs?

You would think that since legalizing recreational pot in Illinois is being touted in the Illinois Legislators,  that people should also be informed about the health hazards they will experience.

Oh I know, the law will be restricted to selling only to someone who is a minimum of twenty one years old even though this report is mainly about adolecents users.

And, even though marijuana users  and being told by sellers that recreational marijuana is the greatest thing ever for them to experience and has no health effects.

What is missing about the news appears to me to be selling the truth and wisdom aspect of using recreational marijuana regardless of synthetic or non-synthetic.

King Solomon 
Buy the truth and do not sell it– wisdom, instruction and insight as well.(Proverb 23:23)

also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding; that is, buy these also, and sell them no; “wisdom” is to be prized above everything; it is the principal thing, and should be got; all means should he used to obtain it; it may be bought without money; it should be asked of God, who gives it liberally, (Excerpt Gils HERE)

In My Opinion

Kudo’s Chicago Tribune for reporting the news about how synthetic marijuana can kill users quickly. Now how about an article to tell how it destroys brain matter slowly and all the other effects as reported by the CDC.

After all, the purpose of a newpaper according to Mark Twain is

“A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.”

So, what about also telling Illinois voters the truth about legalized recreational marijuana according to the CDC?

I know Illinois is broke and everyone wants to make money or taxes, but how about what eh real long term costs will be for users of legalized recreational marijuana?

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