In my opinion, here is a reason why “trade wars are good” for not only the USA but for the world.

It is the same method used 3000 years ago by King Solomon that may have helped prevent wars with his trade partners and nations  surrounding ancient Israel. Peace prevailed in Israel during Solomon’s sixty-year reign.

Today’s political news pundits and media are now trumpeting disaster for USA farmers if China tariffs their farm products. However, there is a wise alternative for use of USA farm products if China no longer wants to import our farm products, in my opinion.

King Solomon

When your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. (Proverb 25:21)

“ ……when kindness is shown to an enemy, because it is undeserved, the action may awaken feelings of remorse. Bread and water have accomplished more power than the bitterest invective. His pain will be to experience your magnanimity and generous forgiveness and at the same time restore him as your brother.”

What’s My Point?

The Middle East, Africa, and even Venezuela political conflicts, weather, and wars have resulted in a temporary world food crisis and starvation for millions of refugees, many who continue to flee to Western Countries.

The USA is the largest contributor of foreign aid in the world. However, not only does the USA provide food, we also provide dollars and armaments and classify both as foreign aid. The reason for dollars is because it was decided in previous USA government administrations that it take too long for food to be sent to needy countries, so cash is sent instead so the countries in need to buy food supplies locally.

Since the USA now operates on a deficit budget, the USA has to borrow dollars to send to countries in need of food that we can grow and supply from USA farm products that China wants to tariff and the news media is alarming USA farmers.

If we take this issue a step further, perhaps if food is sent by all nations in need, instead of armaments, who knows, the conflicts and wars may be reduced.  This statement is too lengthy to attempt to explain in a blog post.

My point is if China chooses to engage in a trade war, instead of doing the same thing they made all USA manufacturers do in order for USA products to be sold in China. That is to require any nation that wants to sell products in the China market, the nation must build plants and share technology to use Chinese labor to manufacture in China instead of their own nation.

All China needs to choose instead of a trade war, is  build plants in the USA and use USA labor to balance out trade deficits instead of engaging in a trade war.

In Other Words

In my opinion, President Trump wants more of the present deficit trade dollars being accumulated by China to be spent in the USA to be used to grow the USA economy and infrastructure. China does not appear willing to reciprocate to build or buy USA products to balance trade deficits.

In the long term of time, the USA has plenty of options in our bucket to compensate for temporary replacement of China goods to be either resourced to countries willing to reciprocate to balance trade for both trade partners.

My point is all the news is just hype to alarm USA voters. There is no country in the world that is more self sufficient than the USA. Trump is right “trade wars are good” to balance and reciprocate trade deals with countries that want to reciprocate in a free and fair reciprocal way to benefit both trade partners.

Yes, in the short term, there may be temporary shortage issues of mainly consumer electronic gadgets and toys products in the USA. However,  in the long term,  deficit trade agreements have to be confronted and remedied rather than be continually pushed aside as in previous administrations

To date the total trade deficits, ever since Clinton negotiated the USA, China trade agreement, the trade deficits have result in over nine trillion dollars in deficit trade to the USA with China.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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