Would today’s Me Too’ers vote for this woman to lead their contemporary movement?

Reading a news article today about a Me Too’er criticism of a male,reminded me of a previous post novel Excerpt about the Goddess of Wisdom and the Queen of Sheba.

For those not familiar with the main message theme of my blog about King Solomon, it is basically a message that “nothing is new under the sun.”

Each new generation believes they are wiser than their predecessors and for the most part repeats the same follies. For example, if anyone studies history, it becomes apparent that almost every new generation in the world experienced a war during their lifetime.

However, other than new scientific discoveries over the span of history, every new generation will probably repeat the same experiences, including follies, in my opinion.

What’s My Point About Me Too’ers

Someone viewed my previous post titled, King Solomon and the Goddess of Wisdom. I reread the post  with the Me Too news article still on my mind. I wondered if the Queen of Sheba was alive today, how many women might choose her to be their leader of a Me Too movement in the USA?

If Interested

Read the post and decide if you might choose to follow her as your Me Too leader based on her reply to King Solomon. HERE

Regards and goodwill blogging.