Is the government the reason why drug addicts become drug addicts and die? Is it logical to compare recreational use of drugs to alcohol use?

A Chicago Tribune columnist article titled, Overdose deaths are the product of drug prohibition, is a sad comparison of two different substances which have entirely different health risk factors.

This article by a liberal who believes the government policy is to blame for drug deaths because of enforcing drug laws to limit a much greater use of addictive drugs available. The writer compares drug enforcement to be the same failed occurrence when alcohol was prohibited and then repealed.

When in fact, the two substances, by allowing greater access and availability, will eventually result in more drug addicts and more deaths in time, greater rehabilitations costs and treatments in the future to be paid by, you know who. That being taxpayers who wisely decide not to partake in use drugs for recreation.

In other words, there is no incentives for making wise choices in the USA. Our nanny liberal government legislators will somehow care and rehabilitate you when and if you need rehabilitation for making wise instead of foolish choices. And the government is to blame when some fool chooses to take drugs for recreational pupposes and winds up being a drug addict and/or becomes sick and unhealthy as a result of drug use.

King Solomon

1 My child, have you promised to be responsible for someone else’s debts? 2 Have you been caught by your own words, trapped by your own promises? 3 Well then, my child, you are in that person’s power, but this is how to get out of it: hurry to him and beg him to release you. (Proverbs 6:1-3)

“The leech has two daughters, Give, Give. (Proverb 30:15)

Field of Dreams (1989)

“Build a ballpark and they will come.”

What’s My Point?

The medical evidence is proven that our brains are wired for addiction, even greater for adolescents up into their twenties. A certain percentage of people who engage in drugs for recreational purposes will turn out to be drug addicts..

The long-term risks for users’ health and welfare are much greater for drugs than alcohol.

The easier you make drugs available, the result will be more people will become addicted over time.

In My Opinion

Liberal nanny government of allowing people to do whatever they want is similar to a parent who allows his child to do whatever they want. Problem is when the kid gets in trouble, in the USA, the nanny government makes the wise pay for the foolish mistakes of fools.

When recreational marijuana becomes legal, peer pressure will certainly introduce more young and foolish to experiment using drugs because they will certainly assume if its legal its can’t be harmful. There nanny government would never approve anything harmful to be legal, right?

The legislators who believe it is best for the nanny government to make recreational drugs legal and will spend all the tax revenues they may gain in the short run, will be insufficient to cover the damages to care and rehabilitate brain damaged, mentally and physically health problems that will result in the future to be paid by taxpayers.

You Decide

Wise or Foolish in the long term to use recreational drugs?

Do you believe taxpayers should be responsible for the fools who by their own choice make foolish risky choices to obtain pleasure?

Is the government really the cause for over drug deaths or the drug addicts who make the foolish choices to use drugs for recreation? That is assuming they were not addicted by taking drugs as pain killers for legitimate reasons and then became addicted because of false drug marketing.

Is the writer comparing apples to oranges?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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