Is the current trend of opinion that drug addiction is a responsibility of Government rather than a wise or foolish individual choice?

If drug addiction is truly a disease, why are we not treating it as an infectious disease same as we did with HIV/AIDS?  Frankly, if you are not aware HIV/AIDS is still prevalent and being transmitted by choice of those who engage in unprotected risky sex practices.

Whoa! Am I now a bigot for comparing a homosexual activity to drug addiction as a disease because I am an uncompassionate bigot? Or am I comparing two free will choices to who or what is really to blame for a person to be inflicted or addicted to a social disease?

Who or what to blame, is the subject of this post. Is it individuals or Government policies, or both?

King Solomon

He who works in a half-hearted way is a brother to a wrecker. (Proverb, 18:9)

 He does not act as if he expected to be successful and his half-hearted unconvincing efforts are ruinous. He is a brother to a wrecker in a sense that although he does not ruin himself by wild insensate behavior which is devoid of self-interest and self-destructive, yet the end of his lethargy coincides with that of recklessness. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end, it leads to death. (Proverb 14:12)

Foolish choices and habits may lead to two kinds of to death, body, and soul.

“Generally, we don’t think we are starting a habit. But giving in once to something that can harm us can make it easier to repeat and repeat and (you get the idea). This is especially true of addictive substances like tobacco and drugs. Other habits can have varying levels of powerful psychological addiction, like gambling, pornography, eating disorders and video game addiction.” (Excerpt Source HERE

Definition of Disease

a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

“bacterial meningitis is a rare disease”

synonyms:    illness, sickness, ill health; More

  • a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.

“departmental administration has often led to the dread disease of departmentalitis”

What’s My Point?

When Government passes Laws to legalize people to buy substances such as alcohol or drugs, even though it is scientifically proven that it can lead to an addiction, they are making a disposition that it is the will of the people to make the substances legal.

When people make individual lifestyle choices of good or bad habits, it is their freedom of personal choice in the USA.

The problem arises when Government makes substances legal and available to the public, and by doing so helps spread the adverse effect on a person or group of people. By Government making it legal to obtain substances that that results in nonusers having to pay taxes to cure the dread disease of choice or habit caused by human choices rather than a virus or bacterial diseases.

The role in Government by making a substance legal, is in effect acting in a halfhearted manner is helping spread a social disease and in effect becoming wrecker to our nation.

For example, in a previous post on a comparison to how Cuba controlled the HIV/AIDS epidemic resulted in controlling the disease versus the USA half-hearted method which did not. The result is HIV/AIDs is still costing USA taxpayers billions of dollars yearly and is still spreading higher than original yearly cost estimates.*

The government has declared an opium epidemic in the USA and is again working in a halfhearted manner to control the continued spread of opium disease.

In My Opinion

It is time to end use of taxpayer’s money in a halfhearted way. The only way to cure a disease is to stop it from spreading by either quarantining the diseased like Cuba. The Government needs to broadcast the truth in warnings to people who choose to engage in habits that lead to their death.

In other words, quit acting in a half-hearted manner and quit allowing the disease to spread. If people want Government to legalize drugs, then make the drug users understand they will have to pay their own medical expenses rather than taxpayers

If compassionate people want to donate to a charitable organization to be compassionate to aid social disease of choice, they can choose to be compassionate.

Make people buy their own insurance to pay for the medical expenses to cure self-inflicted diseases incurred by their choice rather than taxpayers.

Taxpayers should not be paying for foolish choices made by the free will of people who make decisions to inflict a disease on themselves.

You Decide

For example, in the next referendum to legalize marijuana, warn voters that if they decide to engage in using legalizes recreational marijuana and become addicted, they will be responsible to pay for their own medical expenses. Would you engage in recreation use of marijuana?

If Government made the same statements on packages of cigarettes, would you smoke?

If Government made the same statements in public broadcasts about HIV/AIDS or other STD, sexual transmitted diseases, would you make use of sexually transmitted protective measure?

King Solomon’s Proverbs use on this subject, Wise or Foolish?

Do you believe this contemporary proverb is wise or foolish, “If you want to play, then you must pay?”

Regards and good will blogging.

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“They weren’t acts of God,” Ghiglieri said. “They were acts of human erroneous thinking, negligent behavior or arrogance.” (Source HERE)