Another truth to dispel the myth that Marijuana is a safe drug.

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Fatal crashes increasingly tied to drugs, expert says, reposts the findings of GHSA. The Government Agency reports a growing percentage of drivers who die in road crashes test positive for drugs including Marijuana and Opioids, and Alcohol.

“Too many people operate under the false belief that marijuana or opioids don’t impair their ability to drive, or even that these drugs make them safer drivers,” noted GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins. “Busting this myth requires states to expand their impaired driving campaigns to include marijuana and opioids along with alcohol to show drivers that impairment is impairment, regardless of substance.”

King Solomon

Your eyes will see strange sights, and your mind will imagine confusing things. (Proverb 23:33)


This government agency began with the purpose to reduce traffic fatalities caused by drunk drivers. They supply information and slogans to educate and improve awareness of road hazards caused by fools who drive alcohol impaired, or without seatbelts, etc.

In My Opinion

Legalizing recreational marijuana will increase the number of users and result in higher traffic fatalities. Suppliers of marijuana will advertise more myths for fools to believe.

Illinois legislators want to legalize recreational marijuana under the pretense that it will reduce crime, even though they know it will increase deaths on the road to nonusers as well as users.

Criminals will keep selling drugs at lower prices because when the States add taxes and regulators to administer drug use in Illinois, a black market will develop to sell marijuana at cheaper prices same as what has happened with higher cigarette taxation.

You Decide

Legalized recreational marijuana in Illinois, Wise or Foolish

When marijuana becomes legal in Illinois, should you buy a Hummer-type vehicle when you drive even though it is a gas guzzler?

Keep in mind, the risks increase on the roads and it may be you or your loved ones the drug-impaired drivers crash into according to the following wisdom verse.

King Solomon Ecclesiastes Chapter 9

Death Comes to Good and Bad

1 So I took all this to heart and concluded that the righteous and the wise as well as their deeds, ari in God’s hands. Man does not know what lies ahead, whether love or hate. All is the same for all: There is a common fate for the righteous and the wicked, for the good and the bad, for the clean and the unclean, for the one who sacrifices and the one who does not. As it is for the good, so it is for the sinner; as it is for the one who makes a vow, so it is for the one who refuses to take a vow.…

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