According to this market analysis, legal recreational marijuana offers both wise and foolish profitable business and government opportunities.


According to world drugs report 2016, more than 183,000 people have died in the U.S. due to the excessive addiction to drugs.

Increased Tax Revenues and Business Opportunities

Five certain business opportunities will increase when Legalized recreational marijuana laws are passed in the USA.

  1. Increased temporary tax revenue profits for States use for their pet projects..
  2. Increased marijuana supplier’s profits to accommodate the increased number of users.
  3. Increased number of profitable medical facilities to treat drug addicts.
  4. Increased profitable funeral services for both users and innocent victims who die in fatal auto accidents.
  5. Increased profitable hospital and emergency medical services to treat both drug users and auto accident, victims.

Pro and Cons on Revenues   

There will be drug proponents who will argue that legalizing recreational marijuana will reduce costs for police drug and arrest enforcement, jails, etc.

These revenues will not be sufficient to cover the future social services cost burdens that will eventually be paid by increased government taxation, in my opinion.

Victims of fatal auto accidents that will continue to increase, as reported in a Previous Post. The dead victims will never profit or suffer from this wise or foolish market analysis anymore.

Social Security Benefits for victims dependents will increase in time if victims are is a wage owner with a family. It makes no difference, whether they were a drug user or an innocent victim of a drug-related auto fatality.

King Solomon

You are the one who will profit if you have wisdom, and if you reject it, you are the one who will suffer. (Proverb 9:12 GNT)

You Decide

Will our Nation over time, profit, or suffer, by legalizing recreational marijuana?

Regards and good will blogging.

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