Is this post a parody, ridicule, or the truth of Proverbs and idioms why many politicians are no longer concerned if anyone chooses to use recreational user of marijuana?

Most people are under the impression that government lost the war on drugs in the USA. So perhaps the best thing to do is have government tax and regulate the sale to profit from taxes instead of having criminals profit from selling and distributing, same as why Prohibition ended.

If you google various sources and articles on the web, you will find various conflicting articles pro and con about smoking recreational marijuana.  I have listed some examples of links in the Sources below. I recommend you first read the medical studies and findings in the Source Links below and discern for yourself which to believe is true or the marijuana suppliers “puffing” their products to profit.

The purpose of this post is a parody to ridicule why. it in the best interests financially beneficial for the Government, for everyone in the USA who desires, to begin smoking marijuana. Even though it has been medically proven that a high percentage of users brains will become wired to be continually reminded to seek the pleasurable drug effects and destruction of their brains. So, perhaps also in time, even more, potent drugs will also become legal such as cocaine, opium, etc. etc..

King Solomon

Length of days is in her (Wisdom’s) right hand, and in her left-hand riches and honour. (Proverbs 3:16)

General  Objective and Subjective Considerations

Ask any medical doctor, or read any government study, about the effects of the recreational use of marijuana or any other drugs on human longevity. What you will find is that most people who smoke cigarettes, or marijuana, or ingest drugs, will die sooner than the average life spans of non-users.

Also, they will more likely not likely on average to succeed in gathering wealth because they will spend rather than save and gather wealth for their season in life when they retire and become old.

As for users to obtain honor in life, this is a subjective subject to judge based on an idiom.” “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

In other words, once a human body ingests a drug or chemical into their brains, anything can seem to be more beautiful, for a short while anyway.

Parody Considerations

The USA presently has incurred a National Debt in excess of 20 TRILLION US Dollars. Recreational Drug use will result in more tax revenues, and/or hopefully less accumulation of borrowing by the Government to incur debt. That is if government over time ends paying for rehabilitation costs and social subsidies to users who become drug addicts.

In other words, The more drug users, the fewer taxes non-users may have to hopefully have to pay. However, it non-users are wise, they will use the tax savings to buy bigger vehicles to protect them while driving because, like cell phones, and alcohol statistic now prove, there will be more deadly accidents.

Another idiom, “Whether the rock hits the vase or the vase hits the rock, the results are the same.

In other words, a bigger car will be safer than a smaller car to drive as statistics also now prove.


Most politicians know one more useful benefit for Government finances that will result if more people use recreational drugs.

That is because, on average, most drug users will not live as long as non-users. The result financially is more people will not live as long collecting their Social Security, and/or Medicare Government benefits which at present will run out of funds in the foreseeable future.

In My Opinion

Another idiom to consider. , “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink it”

This same idiom applies to the wisdom and freedom of political and personal choices we have, in the USA.

You Decide

Is this post a wise or foolish parody or the truth?

Am I a witty fool, or posting foolish wit, ………..or truth?

If Interested,

Read the song lyrics of “Young and Foolish.” A season in life when most drug users will experiment with recreational drugs.

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