Should I break up with my” girlfriend after 35 years because I am sick and tired of her chronic complaining and naysaying every time I try to get her “off the fence” and make a decision about our long-term relationship?

John Kass wrote a column in the Chicago Tribune titled, Trump and Democrats both weaponize children, about the latest Political quandary about the USA indecisiveness how to solve the illegal immigration problem plaguing the USA since 1983 failed Amnesty fix, 35 years ago?

Yes, it has been 35 years politicians have been sitting on the fence and doing nothing to solve the problem. If your girlfriend of 35 years just chronically complained and naysay you for 35 years and continued to be indecisive no matter how you tried to convince her to make a decision, would you consider it was time to break up with her?

Who is this girlfriend, and has she contributing to wreck your life and your brothers, is the subject of this post?.

King Solomon

He who works in a half-hearted way, is brother to a wrecker. (Proverb, 18:9)

What’s My Point?

No one wants to separate a child from their parent regardless of political party. But why is everyone allowing politicians to continue for 35 years to sit on the fence, and be indecisive about the issue of illegal immigration?

While illegal immigration may not concern us personally because of our circumstances, it doe affect others in our nation, our brothers who are or have been affected by illegal immigrants.

Then, of course, there is the problem of law, which is supposed to be fair and impartial

In My Opinion

This coming November election should be all of us voters time to decide this issue when we vote. Ask yourself if the candidate you choose, someone who can make a decision to solve this issue after 35 years.

Or, is your candidate a chronic complain, naysayer, wrecker,  who will sit on the fence on this issue for another 35 years.

There is a better weapon to use than children to solve this problem. Voters need to make a decision.

In the meantime, we should use the same proven method we use on children when they disobey, we make them take a timeout. We need to make a timeout on all immigration into the USA until the November election. And allow voters a time to break up with politicians who cannot offer a solution and instead sit on the fence, hoping by saying nothing to resolve this issue, except chronically complain, and naysay ever solution offered,  they will get reelected.

If Interested

Read John Kass article and previous posts about both the voter and politician wreckers in the Source links below..

You Decide

Is it time to ask your political party what they propose to do to solve this issue after 35 years.

If you like their remedy, vote for them

If not, breaking up with your political party is really not all that hard to do, in my opinion.

Regards and good will blogging.

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