Are illegal immigrants righteous or wicked? Are they being removed from their land, or removing themselves from their land?

All the current news about the people leaving their homelands to seek refuge from war and poverty brings up, a least to me, a question of whether they are righteous or wicked for leaving their lands.


Is my question reveal me to be a heartless, unsympathetic, or lacking in empathy for the plight of the millions of people who decided they must leave their homelands or die? How can they possibly be wicked for the sake of themselves or their families safety?

An ancient proverb brings up the fact that people being removed from their land was recorded 3000 years ago. The question of why they leave, whether it is righteous or wicked, is the subject of this post.

King Solomon

The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. (Proverb 10:30) 

The righteous shall never be removed,…. They may be removed from place to place in this world, through the persecutions of their enemies, or through one providence or another, as they often are; they may be removed from a state of outward prosperity to a state of adversity, as Job was; they may be removed from spiritual and comfortable frames of soul to carnal or uncomfortable ones; for good frames are very precarious and uncertain things; and they will be removed out of this world into another; here they have no continuing city: but they shall never be removed from the love of God, nothing can separate them from that; they are set as a seal on his heart, and are engraven on the palms of his hands, and there is no removing them from thence; they may be waiver about their interest in the love of God; they may be without the manifestations and discoveries of it to their souls; they may be under the hidings of God’s face; they may be at a distance from his house and ordinances, or may not enjoy the presence of God in them for a time; yet not separated from his affections; they shall never be removed out of the hands of Christ, into which they are put for security, and out of which none can pluck them, men or devils; how should they, since they are in those hands that made the heavens and the earth, support all in being, and hold the reins of government? Was it possible they could be removed from hence, it would impeach the wisdom of God, who has put them there; argue weakness in Christ, and suppose danger to them. Nor can they be removed out of the family of God; sons of God abide in his house for ever; they are no more foreigners and strangers; once children, no more servants; they may be corrected and chastised, yet be children; they may judge themselves unworthy of the relation, and be ready to conclude that their spots are not the spots of God’s children, and fear they are none of them, and yet the relation continues: nor will they ever be removed from their state of justification, by which they are denominated righteous, into a state of condemnation; for full satisfaction is given to law and justice for them; their justification is complete, it is from all sin; the righteousness by which they are justified is everlasting, and even their faith which receives it shall never fail; to which may be added, that they are secured from wrath to come, and entitled to eternal life. In a word, they are on the sure foundation of electing grace; they are in the immovable covenant of grace; they are on the Rock of ages, Christ Jesus; all the divine Persons and perfections are on their side; they are kept by the power of God, through faith, unto salvation; see Psalm 55:22;

but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth; but a very little while, as Gersom observes; and the time of their abode on earth is so short, as scarce to be called an inhabitation of it. Moreover, they shall not inhabit the earth the righteous will, even the new earth, which none but righteous persons shall inhabit, 2 Peter 3:13; see Psalm 37:9. (Source HERE)

What’s My Point?

The phrase, “but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth: but for a little while,” makes me wonder how will the wicked ever be removed if the righteous take flight and by doing so, never remove the wicked from the land they flee from?

The USA now legally accepts more than a million immigrants who legally apply for citizenship every year. More than any nation in the world over time.

Are desperate illegal immigrants righteous or wicked by taking advantage of the USA, knowing that they will be in the least fed and clothed for a time once they cross the borders?

There is another ancient proverb about people who overstay the welcome of someone who helps them in bad times. This is obviously the problem taking place all over the world.

Seldom set foot in your neighbor’s house– too much of you, and they will hate you. (Proverb 25:17)

What is the Solution?

Somewhere there is a solution on what to do about people being persecuted in the land they were born.

Somewhere there is a solution how to solve the world problems. Engaging in wars only serves to cause destruction to both people and their lands.

Whatever the solution is, the need for love and wisdom is part of the solution.

It has been over 3000 years since King Solomon recorded his proverbial wisdom and Ecclesiastes for us to make use of to solve the folly of mankind.

It has been over 2000 years since Jesus Christ was crucified for giving us guidance to love our neighbors.

The only solution I can provide is to bring up the question when are we all going to wise up to understand the real problem in the world is our continuing folly, generation after generation.

Our vanity to believe we are capable of coming up with a solution that is better than what has already been provided by King Solomon and Jesus Christ.

You Decide

Are illegal immigrants righteous of wicked?

Are we USA citizens righteous or wicked for not wanting to accept, feed, and cloth, all the millions of persecuted people in the world who are removing themselves for their land for righteous or wicked reasons?

Do you have a better solution than the two I just mentioned?

Do you believe ending wars in the world might be a wise solution?

Do you believe God wants us to suffer the consequences of wars we fools keep engaging in just about every generation ever born on Earth?

Is the caption on the above image make you wonder about the cause of all the fleeing going on in the news around the world?

Regards and good will blogging.