Time to end twisted word description of USA political “Parties,” or “Tribes?”

Should our political identification word be changed from Democrat or Republican “Parties” to Democrat or Republican “Tribes?”

If interested,
Read this post and the comment I made to Tomm to suggest why.

Citizen Tom

Initiation rituals among boys from a tribe of the Yao people in Malawi (from here)

One of the accusations that has been flung my way is “tribalism”. The first time that happened I was more puzzled than insulted. I thought: “What the heck is that about?” When I think of tribalism, I think of a primitive people (sort of like that picture above). Admittedly, my arguments are not especially sophisticated, but “tribalism”? I am just trying to avoid making things more complicated than necessary.

Here is the definition of the term.

1 : tribal consciousness and loyalty; especially : exaltation of the tribe above other groups
2 : strong in-group loyalty

I am a Christian, and I am sort of tribal about that. I love the members of my family more than I love other people. So I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with tribalism. However, we can…

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