Did the Chicago Tribune Editorial Content Agency step over the Folly Line into the Pit of Foolish Discretion?

Two contraries appeared in Chicago Tribune Articles in today’s news which makes me wonder if the present Tribune Editorial Board has gone bonkers.

The first article is titled, 5 fatally shot at a newspaper in Maryland, which reports how a shooter killed news reporters he did not agree with about their opinions the reported about him.

The second article is titled, Maxine Waters deserves better from her party, which is in essences an article to support people to harass other people who they do not agree with their political opinions.

King Solomon

“I, wisdom, have made prudence my dwelling. Find out knowledge and discretion. (Proverb 8:1 WEB)

In My Opinion

Everyone, today should be aware that news media is being controlled by different special interests which serve to use their media to express their political opinions.

Very few news sources present two versions of opinions to allow people to make their own decision and opinions,

The Chicago Tribune Editorial board did not make a prudent decision, based on the fact there are said to be 400 million guns in the USA today, a drug epidemic, a mental illness epidemic, and one of the most political divisiveness times in the USA history today.

For the Chicago Tribune to express an Editorial Perspective to condone people to harass other people publicly while they are going about their private affairs, is totally foolish in regards to knowledge and discretion.

And on the same day reporting how news workers were shot and killed, makes me wonder why I am a subscriber, other than to write unimaginable posts like this one on internet media. Shame.

If interested

Read the two articles in the source links below and decide on the wisdom of the Tribune Editorial Agency Perspective.

Is the article fake news or foolish news reporting?

Regards and good will blogging.

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