Is the USA on course to duplicate the same reasons of the how and why Ancient Israel became a divided Nation which led to its downfall?

A Chicago Tribune columnist article titled, The Dems should nominate a woman in 2020, is one more divisive tactic being considered which may add to the USA downfall same as which led to Israel downfall 3000 years ago..

The following gives some examples of the validity of a King Solomon writing to give an example of the parallel course taking place in the USA, in my opinion..

King Solomon  

And I turned myself to behold wisdom, and madness, and folly: for what can the man do that cometh after the king? even that which hath been already done. (Ecclesiastes 2:12 KJV)

“so the particle is sometimes used (t); meaning himself, or his successor, or any other person; since it was only going over the same thing again, running round the circle of knowledge again, without any new improvement, or fresh satisfaction, according to the following answer;

even that which hath been already done; it is only doing the same thing over again

What’s My Point?

Compare the following examples of how the Dems present political strategy is absent any permanent solution to the 35-year-old illegal immigration problem plaguing the USA, other than to separate and divide in order to conquer.

Example One – Tax and Borrow

The Dems Leader, Nancy Pelosi, criticized President Trumps tax cut. Obama’s term added 10 trillion dollars to the National Debt.

David’s son who was a great king. Renowned for his wisdom and wrote the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. He built massive project in Israel including the Temple. His project cost the people a lot of money in taxes causing a division in Israel.

Example Two – Racial Bias, Special Interest Media Reporting Promoting Violence

Maxine Waters deserves better from her party, which is in essences an article to support people to harass other people who they do not agree with their political opinions.

Why did thousands march yesterday in a demonstration to oppose separation of immigrant children crossing the border, even though President Trump signed an order to eliminate the rule imposed by President Obama?

Example Three – Religious Bias

Religious support for illegal immigrants being the duty to God.

Even though the Constitution serves to separate politics from religion, religion is being used to support the breakdown of law and order on USA Borders. A problem ignored by politicians sitting on the fence instead of compromising a way to solve the problem which is now a leading divisive issue in the USA. Read the comments in a previous post by a blogger debating support illegal immigrants as being a Christian duty, and if they don’t, they are disobedient to God..

Example Four – “Trump is Not My President”

Every day and night, the Dems and Media bombard news about President Trump to create confrontation which serves to promote divisiveness in our nation. Why, because they just plain don’t like him, even though he won the election by voters who love him and the fact that he is fulfilling his campaign promises..

The northern ten tribes broke off from Solomon’s kingdom to form this nation, Jeroboam was their first king

The southern two tribes of Judah and Benjamin broke off from Israel to form this nation, Rehoboam was their first king

In time, Babylonia invaded Israel and won over the divided nation of Israel.

In My Opinion

If we allow our politics to continue to continue to spend and borrow, continue to incur trade deficits which allows other countries to use our dollars to buy up USA land, farms, and businesses, we are in effect selling our nation assets for wampum ( dollar bills ), same as the American Indians did to lose their land over time.

You Decide.

Read the article and Source Links Below and decide if the USA is on a parallel course to be divided as a Nation in time.

Regards and good will blogging.

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