Citizen Tom is posting an interesting series about Rights which many seem to never have been taught or understood and contributing to the current political divisiveness occurring in our Nation.

I highly recommend you read and follow his series.

Citizen Tom

United States Declaration of Independence (from here)

It is a common observation that America is more divided than it has been in living memory. Why? I think the issues between us involve how we define our Rights. When the men at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia wrote our Constitution, they wrote a charter for a republic, a government which, recognizing evils of which men are capable, is designed to protect the individual’s Rights. Unfortunately, during the last couple of centuries we have slowly altered the way we operationally define the term “rights”. When the Constitution was written, the People wanted to protect their inalienable Rights. Now increasing numbers of People want the government to give them their “rights”.

What Are Inalienable Rights?

Yesterday we celebrated the formal announcement of a rebellion. On the 4th of July, we celebrated we celebrated a document, the Declaration of Independence. In…

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