Did the Chicago protesters march in the right path of blame?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Phleger holding off on more protests, for now, reported is the reason is he is waiting for results from local and state government response to violence, joblessness, and poverty.

I believe he will be waiting a long time for a long-term fix of the problems because he is focusing on the wrong people for the most part to solve the problems of his concerns.

Who, why, and where? There are proverbial clues to answer this conundrum, with the two core remedies explanations following. In my opinion.

King Solomon,

Who and Why?

A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes, but a person of understanding delights in wisdom. (Proverb 10:23)


As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. (Proverb 27: 19)

What’s My Point?


In a previous post, I explained the main reason for killings in Chicago are drug sellers fighting for territory and power to sell drugs. If people in those communities would stop buying the drugs, the sellers would stop selling, killing, and the main reason for violence would stop as well.

Jobs and Poverty

In a previous post, I explained the failure of public education to teach morals and discipline are the core reasons for employers to hesitate to hire people lacking these needed virtues.

Of course, it does not help when our national leaders allowed manufacturing industries to be exported to other nations, as explained in another post. However, we now have a President who is trying to remedy the balance of trade problem. However, there is disunity between local politicians to join with him.

In My Opinion

Father Pfleger is a saint for his efforts to try to remedy these problems. However, he is like Don Quixote aiming his lance at a windmill by seeking a solution from local and state government to kill the problems. While it is necessary and may help in the short term, his lance will never kill or solve the core problems in the long term.

What is needed in school vouchers so the Church has an avenue to teach the young morals and discipline. To teach the children practical and Spiritual wisdom to find true love, joy, and happiness in their hearts and minds.

In other words, we should all look in a pool of water to see the reflection of what is not only in our hearts and minds but how we appear to others. Actions speak louder than words, and actions are what other people judge the appearances of all people of various skin colors or apparel. Even though there is a majority if good apples in a barrel, all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the lot.

Sadly, it takes a long, long time to convince others to judge a person Individually and not as a group or culture.

We all need to look into a pool of water and see what is in our hearts and minds to not join in to help the current travesty taking place in Chicago.

We can begin with school vouchers and voting for people who help unify our nation rather than create divisiveness in our nation. In other words, look in a pool of water, what do you see? Are you buying drugs from gangs, are you voting and supporting righteous or wicked politicians, are you joining in unity with the right associations in your community to bring needed weight to bring about needed changes?

In other words, are we fools for allowing wickedness to flourish, or is it time to understand the real core reasons for violence, joblessness, and poverty in Chicago, our Nation, and our World?

There are no easy solutions we will ever obtain from the government, or our God.

We are the masters of our own disasters.

Regards and good will blogging.

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