A commentary to make you choose why to support, even cheerlead abortion, or otherwise?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, The Rise of Abortion Cheerleaders, the writer’s comments report about the significant disparities, and some striking incongruities on the current news issues on abortion

The purpose of this report is to make you wonder about the wisdom and folly of freedom of bizarre values of human choices being made in our world.

King Solomon

The tongue of the righteous is choice silver, but the heart of the wicked is of little value.( Proverb 10:20)

Excerpts of Gils Bible Commentary

“things which are grateful and acceptable, are with grace, and minister grace to the hearers; things profitable and edifying; for the righteous man’s mouth speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks of judgment; and his lips feed many,” 

“(his or her) mind and conscience are defiled with sin; the understanding is darkened with it, and the will is obstinate and perverse, and bent upon it: his heart is wicked, and exceedingly wicked; it is wickedness itself, very wickedness, desperately wicked, incurably so without the grace of God.”

“ Such therefore know not their hearts who say they have good hearts; and they are fools that trust in them: this shows the necessity of regeneration, and that powerful and efficacious grace is requisite to it.”

What’s My Point?

The writer makes a point about the issue of abortion in this statement.

“Moreover, there’s likely a simple reason the pro-abortion movement has lurched in the direction of “abortion is normal and good, hooray!” while backing away from “abortion is sad and regrettable, but necessary.” If you admit that abortion is sad and regrettable, after all, you also have to admit why that is so. You have to admit that it involves a new human life.”

In My Opinion

In a previous post, I stated abortion is sad for the reason of a six word statement made by  Hemmingway.

“For sale, baby shoes, never used.”

You Decide

If interested, read the source link articles and, whether you are proabortion, or otherwise,  choose which words you would pick to describe your choice on the issue.

Cheerful, bizarre, incongruous, funny, sad, wise, fooolish, or sinful?

Regards and good will blogging

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