What should be the USA’s greatest fear, rather than what is being reported in the news?

My accolades to a columnist in the Chicago Tribune article titled, As we emphasize with addicts do we normalize drug culture, reports her concerns that empathy may be leading to greater harm than good in our society.


“As the fear mounts, many Americans – including parents, lawmakers, health professionals, and policymakers have resounded with empathy toward drug addicts.”

“opioids crisis that causes some 115 deaths a day.

“are we relieving addicts of responsibility for their own actions”

” Does taking away the fear of injury or make us enablers?”

“Does it place too much responsibility on people who do not use drugs?”

“Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we have gone too far?”

Purpose of this Post

Is to add my concern that the USA should probably fear drug addiction more than Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc etc.

King Solomon

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverb 9:10)

What’s My Point?

Fear is one of the prime motivators to change behavior, human or animals. When we relieve humans from the responsibility and fear of foolish choices not only do we become enablers, we may also become promoters to increase folly in others.

If you are not a drug user, same as if you are not a sinner, you have nothing to fear.

However, if you are a parent, a driver on roads, or a concerned citizen in your community, perhaps you should fear drug addiction?

In My Opinion

In today’s news, we read about the efforts of politicians to promote fear of Russia, and every other nation in the world follies of politician’s choices made.

In the meantime, 115 deaths a day are equivalent to war casualties reported in world wars.

The King Solomon wisdom proverb that fear of the Lord is fear to lose one’s soul when they die, not to fear that God will punish us. While we are on earth, we need to understand that it is not God punishing us, we are punishing ourselves by making foolish choices. In other words, we are the masters of our own disasters.

Eight States have approved legalized recreational marijuana to date. By doing so, they are not only becoming enablers to increase drug addiction, they are in fact promoting drug addiction.

What to Do?

In the USA, politicians only respond to the crisis. If voters would understand that they better start calling both their politicians and news media to take a time out from focusing on every other issue and resolve this issue plagues the USA, families, and communities, they will respond because it is election time coming up.

The issue needs more than empathy of love, it needs the responsibility of wisdom, to be remedied in my opinion.

We should begin by telling everyone who buys any drug both prescribed and illicit, they are responsible for making the choice they make. In other words, no buyers, no sellers, no fear, no problems will result.

If Interested,

In previous posts, I addressed each of the above opinions, or, if interested to understand how your community ranks in severity on the drug problem. read the posts in the Source Links below.

You Decide

If you agree, contact your legislators and your news source editors.

If not, two idioms will result.

“If things do not change they will stay the same”

“it pays to advertise”

In my opinion when legalized recreational drug sellers begin to promote marijuana the number of users will increase. Whether it leads to opium addiction, if it helps you to know, the CDC states only a significant number of marijuana users will bridge to more potent drugs.

Regards and good will blogging.

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