Wisdom is often thought to bring about the comfort of success in life.

However, Spiritual Wisdom greatest benefit in life, in my opinion, is to bring about joy and peace in life in both personal and community living.

Wisdom also brings about understanding and comfort in times of sadness. This story also focuses on the wise advice in Ecclesiastes.

Some critics of Ecclesiastes interpreted the writings to be a gloomy perspective on the life of a bitter old man. Others, including myself, agree with American novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote about Ecclesiastes.

“Of all I have ever seen or learned, that book seems to me the noblest, the wisest, and the most powerful expression of man’s life upon this earth—and also the highest flower of poetry, eloquence, and truth. I am not given to dogmatic judgments in the matter of literary creation, but if I had to make one I could say that Ecclesiastes is the greatest single piece of writing I have ever known, and the wisdom expressed in it the most lasting and profound.”

This post written by Karina Lam gives an excellent personal explanation of one example of Ecclesiastes Wisdom. I highly recommend you read it.

Karina's Thought

Hello dear readers!! It’s me again. How’s you going? I hope and pray everything is going well with all of you. My post this time isn’t a new post. I wrote it a year ago but has never been posted before. I hope and pray this post could be a blessing to all of us.

Not many people know that I’m a melancholic woman. I have a very sensitive feeling. I’m easily moved and sad. My tears easily drop when I see something really touched my heart such as sad movie or story. Many people argue that someone who easily touched, sad, and crying is a weak people. Well, I don’t agree with this opinion. People who are sensitive or easily sad aren’t necessarily a weak person. Sadness is a thing that couldn’t be separated from our lives.  No matter how good we organize our lives, still, there’re times we’ve…

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