Why do Blue States hate Trump’s Tax Deduction Limitations?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Will voter in Illinois and other high-tax States rebel? reported the details of the Trump tax reduction which set limits on deductions for affluent in order to reduce taxes for middle class and poor.

The purpose of this post is to address the wisdom of limiting the tax deductions. Also, to explain why Blue States of California, New York, and Illinois legislators are fuming, while Red States like Indiana, and average wage earners  are applauding the limits.

King Solomon

It is by justice that a king makes a country stable, but one who levies taxes makes a ruin of it. (Proverb 29:4)

The tithe of grandees produces an abundance of food, but it is swept away for lack of equity. (Proverb 13:23)

What’s My Point?

When the tax code favors the tax inequity of wealthy over middle class or poor, it also provides incentives for local government bodies  to increase taxes rather than incentive to reduce expenses and taxes.

If you read the article, it explains how and why the limit of deduction State Property taxes on Federal taxes was not equitable to Red States. The core reason is allowing unlimited tax deductions in wealthy States required the less wealthy States taxpayers to pay higher taxes.

Also, Blue State Legislators are not happy because wealthy home owners will no longer have an incentive to live and build big houses and pay high State taxes in States that use the tax revenues to grant high wages and services to Blue State’s employees.

In other words, causes different cost of living tables for different States across the Nation..

And for some unexplained reason, the Blue States are heavily weighed Democratic States, which claim to better represent the middle class and poor against the wealthy, or so they claim.

In My Opinion

We need government incentives to reduce taxes, and provide equity for everyone in the USA to want to prosper, rather than incentives to favor one group over another at the expense of one group over another.

In other words, we need  a rebellion of wisdom, fairness, and equity in government tax legislation, rather than a rebellion of Blue State Legislators against Red State voters.

Thank you President Trump, for Score Three to reduce taxes to benefit taxpayers equitably in every State in a fair and just manner.

If Interested

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Regards and good will blogging.

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