The context of this previous post is applicable to the latest shootings of the two reporters in the USA. Sure wish news editors would read it and agree.

If news reporters would only add these adjectives to describe the ‘who’ or ‘what’ of all news articles, it might make the attention seeker shooters think about how they will be remembered for their actions. Notice how adding one of these proposed words to the Chicago Tribune Sunday Headline of January 11, 2015, might impact a reader’s point of view of the “who” person and the “what” result.


Reeling from terror, France steels for ‘war’ 


Reeling from foolish terror, France steels for foolish ‘war’ 

Before you get all worked up in disagreement, allow me to explain further.  In previous posts, referenced below, I explained how King Solomon used only two words to describe a person in his three thousand Proverbs of Wisdom. The words were either wise or foolish.

I believe most people will agree that acts of terrorism are foolish. As for my describing war as foolish, consider this thought. War is the result of one or more foolish person(s) not wise enough to be able to compromise a mutual agreement to prevent war.  If you are still interested, read more of my explanations of the previous posts below.

Too many impressionable people read news articles and believe they should join or ‘copy-cat’ foolish actions they perceive to be heroic or bring attention to themselves or a foolish belief or cause. Perhaps by describing the person and his or her action being reported with either of these two words might help make this world a better place.

In my opinion, it is both worth a try, as well as a better description of what is being reported. Also, I personally would prefer to see the word ‘wise’ being used more often in the current  news reports like the heroes on the French train this past week.

Regards and good will blogging.


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