Have moose and bighorn sheep just been proven to be wiser than humans?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Moose, bighorn sheep pass on migration tips, reports a finding that we humans need to acknowledge, in my opinion.

The purpose of this post is to relate the study in a statement made in the article that proves the main reason why animals are wiser than humans based on a proven record of historical facts.

Also, this post will reveal another reason of philosophical interest to the “Me Too” political movement in the USA.

King Solomon

Go to the ant, you sluggard;
consider its ways and be wise! (Proverb 6:6)


and be wise; learn wisdom of it, and be wiser than that, as the Septuagint and Arabic versions: this is a mortification of proud men, that would be reckoned wise, to be sent to so despicable a creature to get wisdom from.

What’s My Point?

The article states that I find the most interest in a wisdom comparison is this one.

“The long, slow improvement in forage-finding over decades indicates herds build on cultural knowledge over generations.”

Yet humans do not build on cultural knowledge over generations.

For example, in spite of 3000 years after King Solomon’s observations of the failings of human wisdom, each new generation repeats the same follies of previous generations. History has proven just about every generation experience becoming involved in another war because of the folly of human vanities.

In My Opinion

In spite of all the human technological and medical advances made over history which include both ways to cure with medicines, and kill with better weapons, we just cannot wise up and learn for the mistakes made from proven historical facts that war is folly.

As for why the “Me Too” movement should be of interest, if we study ants to find wisdom as King Solomon advised, what we will find is that not only that all ants are hard workers, all worker ants are female.

Perhaps that is also the reason why we humans cannot seem to wise up, I will leave that question and possibility for you to discern if it has any bearing on why every new generation in history has experienced the folly of war?

You Decide

Is there a correlation between Cultural knowledge,” Me Too,” male vanities, moose, bighorn sheep, or a lack of capacity for humans to understand the differences between wisdom or folly?

Regards and good will blogging.

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