Silent witnesses, Sinful, or POW, you decide?

In the previous post, I stated that I will explain the core reason of all the contributing reasons for criminal gangs, my proposed solutions, and who are the real silent sinners

King Solomon

When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive. (Proverb 28:28)

What’s My Point?

In Post Three, I explained that the Supreme Court stated Congress has authority to change Constitutional Rights pertaining to Due Process and Jury Trials.

The real silent witness sinners are all of us who listen to the news and do nothing about the plight of people living in gangland war zone neighborhoods.

They are helpless because of the reality that police alone cannot protect them. Reality is no one can protect them unless the laws are changed to remove the power gangs have over individuals.

What to Do for POW’s

I recommend Congress declare War on Gangs to allow Marshall Law Powers to be passed and administered by local police and military to allow gang members to be arrested and removed from the neighborhoods band intervened as POW prisoners until gang wars end.

If you consider that the families living in these gangland war zones, who are afraid to allow their kids to play outside, and lock themselves each night in their homes for fear of gang shootings, they are POW instead of gang members.

Police, Alderman, Community Activist, and Clergy who are s concerned with police brutality or failed justice should all need to meet and agree to petition their Congressman to face the reality that our court systems are not effective in controlling gangs and their powers of intimidation of witnesses of criminal activity.

Instead of releasing a known gang offender to face a judge who will release them on a Bond, they should instead face a Military Judge who has the power to intern them immediately as a POW of a Congressional War Declaration on Gangs.

Every citizen should write their Congressman and support the innocent POW victims in our Nation.


In my opinion, gangs members will quickly notice when their members disappear from their gangland territories. They will quickly wise up and stop killing both their rivals and innocent victims.

As the Wisdom Proverb states, remove the wicked and the righteous thrive.

Hopefully, will the gang members are interned as POW, they may be given an opportunity or incentive to obtain education and skill training through social, Corporations and religious organizations.

If concerned on the welfare of a POW, read how POW rules and regulations for their protection in the Source Link below. Perhaps some lessons in the military discipline may even personally benefit them in the future.

The POW camps would be the same built and guarded by the military, during a war until the war ends and/or the military sentences end for felony criminals.

You Decide

Wise or Foolish, Reality or Dream Proposal?

Will our Republic fail in time because it was a dream of the brave founders that became unrealistic because of all of us silent witness sinners apathetic to our Nation’s fellow neighbors?.

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