Will Florence force Wisdom?

Two Chicago Tribune articles address the recent anthropogenic and human disasters which took place in the past two weeks in the news.

Last week I was on Hilton Head Island beach enjoying the almost solitude from humans walking on beautiful beach and weather while one hundred miles north of me, hurricane Florence deluged 30 inches of rain and resultant flooding in North Carolina.

I could not help and wish I had been wise or lucky enough to afford to live is one of the beautiful elegant private homes, or mansions, all located on the eastern side of the island. None of which were built on elevated stilts like you might see on the beaches and swamp lands in other areas that are built in potential flood areas in our nation.

Thousands of miles away, an earthquake took place in Indonesia and today’s news reported the details of how residents are trying to decide how or where to bury 800 dead casualties of the earthquake and flooding that occurred.

The purpose of this post is to compare the USA to Indonesia cultures, both which have to consider the wisdom of their Nation’s future about living near beaches or on known floodplains.

King Solomon

As a sparrow on the wing and a swallow in flight, so is an unmerited curse, which does not alight. (Proverb 26:2)


“Think of a good man being a wandering bird in flight. No undeserved curse will come to a wandering bird in flight unless there is a reason or cause for it to land”

What”s My Point?

In ancient times, weather disasters were believed to be the result of man’s disobedience to his Creator cause a curse from the Gods to fall upon them. Wise or Foolish, curse or something else related to wisdom.

In the Source Links below are the two articles and a previous post titled, King Solomon, Anthropogenic Hazards, Choices, or Curses? (Repost). If interested you decide if our Creator is angry at us or should we be angry at ourselves.

Then consider how all we taxpayers are on the hook to rebuild these areas when the seas are predicted to rise three feet from the melting icebergs because of USA floodplain insurance guarantees. While in Indonesia, there is no insurance.

Whether the rising seas is caused by humans or not is not the subject of this post. Scientists have proof of past ages our planet experienced over the millions of years of history. The subject is questioning the wisdom of our continuing to ignore and pay for what should be apparent and costly to keep rebuilding in known areas located in high-risk areas in our nations and world in the future.

In My Opinion

We Americans are presently in debt over to the tune of over twenty trillion dollars. We need to wake up and focus on the wisdom of the easily predictable future anthropogenic disasters that will take place.

The mayor of Los Angeles has managed to pass a law to require all building structures to earthquake codes of caution. I wonder how fare that law has progressed in reality?

In other words, We are the masters of our own disasters, both anthropogenic and social.

Meanwhile, the current news in the USA is our supposed wise leaders are focused on everything else but the future anthropogenic risks of reality. Spending millions of taxpayers dollars on investigation what to a foolish disobedient episode of drinking and drunken of teenagers almost happened 36 years ago in the past. I say, send the millions to Indonisia to help feed and water the disaster victims.

While in ancient times, a wise King would store order portions of grain to be stored by everyone in anticipation of draughts which happened in the past have in reality a high risk of repeating in the future.

In Other Words

According, to the proverb, in my opinion, we are all about to land in the near future in a pile of something else unpleasant to experience. We have managed to create this landing area because we do not have the wisdom to understand the reality of our choices of our living in what we create by our foolish choices, rather than our Creator’s curse.

Will Florence force Wisdom, frankly I personally doubt it.

Regards and good will blogging.

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