“Trump could be the most honest president in modern history.” Interested in how and why??

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Perspective in the above statement reported the reasons for the how and why Trump is honest. What to me is most significant is the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, in my opinion, at times leans left of Trump. What is even more astonishing is the author of the article is a writer for the Washington Post, probably the most left-leaning news source in the nation.

The purpose of this post is to share this article with my California blogging friend Doug, who is a self-admitted Trump hater, has stated he would be” fulfilled” when Trump is is ousted out of office, and intends to vote for his choice of candidates in the upcoming election, only if they do not support Trump, “the most honest President in modern history.”

Perhaps this post will change his mind, providing his mind and other Trump haters have the capacity to become open-minded to appreciate rather than rebuke his honest efforts to fulfill his campaign promises.

King Solomon

In the end, people appreciate honest criticism far more than flattery. (Proverb 28:23)

“He that rebuked a man, His friend, and acquaintance, for any fault committed by him; which reproof he gives in a free and faithful manner, yet kind, tender, and affectionate.” (Excerpt Source HERE)

What’s My Point?

Hopefully, my friend Doug, will read this post and understand that I am passing on this information, not as a rebuke, but as a friend would do in a kind, tender, and affectionate manner.

In other words, I am trying to enlighten him to recognize President Trump is honest in attempting to accomplish his campaign promises, unlike a lot of empty suit politicians who after winning an election forget their campaign promises.

In My Opinion

The article implies President Trump at times lies. However, in a previous post in the Source Links below, I explained how medical science has discovered why politicians lie. Everyone knows politicians tell white lies, withhold information or private opinions, or believe telling the truth sometimes may cause more harm than good to heal hot political issues.

If Interested?

Read the Chicago Tribune article and previous posts about President Trump accomplishments in his first two years in office.

You Decide

Will President Trump’s be known in the future as Honest Trump and will a statue of him be built in Washington DC along the statue of “Honest Abe?”

Regards and good will blogging.

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