Interested in what I surmised in a novel what the Queen of Sheba may have said when King Solomon explain why women could not enter the Temple because of menstruating laws?

The Chicago Tribune article titled. Protesters, police clash over females’ entry to India Temple, reported what happened after the India Supreme Court ruled that Hindu pilgrimage centers could open their doors to women of menstruating age.

It’s is difficult for USA women in this day and age, to grasp why this practice, is or was, a common practice in various world religions. I cannot even imagine how USA women would react if they were restricted from entering any religious worship building because of menstruation.

In the following novel Excerpt, I surmised how the Queen of Sheba reacted when King Solomon advised her about this practice. The novel is a contemporary application to promote understanding of ancient proverbs and wisdom that I surmised may have occurred in the Biblical meetings.


This novel is a Biblical Fiction novel. If you are a religious fundamentalist, I recommend you do not read the Excerpt. A recent Amazon reader review of the novel appears to have offended a Bible Fundamentalist even though the novel genre clearly states the novel is Biblical Fiction.

In the novel, I surmised the Queen of Sheba to be a virgin Moon Goddess with strong character and bearing in addition to being lavishly rich, beautiful, intelligent, with an independent bearing and a passion to understand wisdom to rule her Kingdom.

Again, the stated purpose of the novel purpose is to promote understanding of ancient wisdom in the form of proverbs and wise sayings in a surmised embellished and entertaining love story based on ancient myths and legends of the Biblical meeting.

Most people who read the novel will be amazed at how ancient wisdom remains and can be related in a meaningful way in our modern world. In my opinion, if the wisdom knowledge and understanding would be employed, it will help reduce foolish decisions from being repeated over and over again in every new generation as evidenced by history.

King Solomon has been acclaimed to be one of the earliest philosophers and his teaching and observations and writings resulted in the earliest self-help advice in time.


“Please tell me of the conditions I must agree. You have already somewhat conditioned and enlightened me about Israelite men’s superior role in regards to woman.”

I took in a deep breath to control my voice while explaining knowing her personal thoughts about our beliefs pertaining to a woman.

“First, you must promise, and be certain that you are not in your time of defilement during your visit. Our beliefs are that no blood may ever touch the inside of our Temple. To allow blood to touch any part would be an abomination to our God. That is the reason women are not allowed inside our temple and must stay together in a special area for women during Temple ceremonies.”

…………………………………. continued…………………………………

“I pray I have not offended you by telling you these conditions Bilqis,” I stated as I concluded the conditions of Sadock.

Bilqis was silent for a while before she replied in a lighthearted tone.

“No Solomon, you have not. I have had a great deal of interaction with the High Priests of my land. When it comes to religious beliefs, I can understand the religious practices of your High Priest even though I personally do not comprehend all of the reasoning for his rules. Then you probably feel the same about the beliefs of my people. Someday we must discuss the differences of our beliefs more in depth.”

“Assure Sadoc, that my defilement, as you Israelites continue to define it, will not occur in your Temple,” Bilqis stated in a somewhat defiant matter of fact tone.

“Bilqis, do I detect that I have vexed you?” I asked apologetically.

“You could never vex me, my dear Solomon. Remember, you have taught me that self-control is the pathway to capture the city, and an even-tempered man is more powerful than a hasty general.”

I smiled to acknowledge her apt reply to my question. She was my student, I thought proudly. She had made her points in a diplomatic and highly effective manner.

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What would USA “Me Too’ers”do if men tried to prevent them from entering anywhere or any place because of this belief?

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