Interested in a simple phraseology to explain why?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Report: Auto crashes on rise in States legalizing recreational marijuana, reports a Bloomberg article of the facts of rising auto accidents.

In my opinion, this issue can be directly compared to Bill Clinton’s remark,

“It’s the economy stupid!”

Purpose of this Post

Is to amend the remark to relate to the upcoming election and amend the word “stupid” to “fools.”. This is because in my opinion the word “fools” is and has been for the last 3000 years the best word to describe the actions of people who lack common sense, discernment, and wisdom.

Also, to relate a major shortcoming of a living in a Republic type Government of which a majority decides in a referendum to expedite folly of increasing risk of death or injury on the highways, and reduce the lifespan of its citizens.

Even worse to teach every subject under the sun except wisdom to its youth in government Republic schools.

Perhaps that is why numerous States are legalizing recreational marijuana even in spite of evidence that every State that has approved its sale has experienced rising auto accidents since it became legal.

King Solomon

2:13 I realized that wisdom is preferable to folly, just as light is preferable to darkness:

2:14 The wise man can see where he is going, but the fool walks in darkness. Yet I also realized that the same fate happens to them both.

2:15 So I thought to myself, “The fate of the fool will happen even to me!

Then what did I gain by becoming so excessively wise?”

So I lamented to myself, “The benefits of wisdom are ultimately meaningless!”(Ecclesiastes 2:13-15)

Anyone who is among the living has hope –even a live dog is better off than a dead lion! (Ecclesiastes 9:4)

What’s My Point?

Bill Clinton campaign statement when he campaigned against Bush may have won can be applied to the fact that allowing recreational marijuana to be sold will result in more accidents and the higher accident rate.

Yet in spite of everyone with any common sense understanding the reasons, voters will most likely vote to continue to approve the issue in most voter referendums, including Illinois. Or, in spite of the wisdom of knowing the risks, the knowledge is meaningless because our Republic makes a decision based on majority vote, whether the issue is wise or foolish.

My point being anyone who is confused about the reason why auto accidents are increasing in States that approved recreational marijuana, I believe the simplest explanation using Bill Clinton’s phraseology,

“It’s the pot, fools.”

In My Opinion

When your State approves the sale of recreational marijuana, it will be wise for you to trade your sedan model for a large SUV. Yes, driving an SUV will result in higher car payments, gas usage, insurance premiums, etc. However, at least your “hopes” and chances of surviving an auto accident will be well worth the costs because if you a dead or crippled, your money will also be meaningless.

Fool instead of Stupid Word

In a previous post in the Source Links Below, I explain why wise King Solomon only used two words to describe human choices. Wise or Foolish, if interested read the post.

However, I have to admit, approving the sale of recreational Marijuana might be an exception on this issue and Bill Clinton’s word choice might be a better phraseology.

If Interested,

Read in the Source Links Below the article and previous posts why anyone who believes legalizing recreational marijuana is foolish, in my opinion. That is unless he or she is sick and dying as King Solomon advised 3000 years ago.

Regards and good will blogging.

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Chicago Tribune Bloomberg Article

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