…what women know about women?

The Chicago Tribune article, What Others are Saying, written by Susan Chira, New York Times, contained the following statements.


“The Democrats hope for a blue wave rests on women voters….”

“But women don’t automatically ally with other women, as Susan Collins vote to confirm Brent Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court demonstrated.”

“Women don’t act as one.”

“Sisterhood doesn’t override partisanship or deeply held moral views.”

“…. etc. etc.…….”

“Mr. Trump’s jab that Hillary Clinton was playing the “woman card” instead made a segment of women more enthusiastic about him, and more hostile to her.”

Another News Report Yesterday Question

“Why did this lioness kill the father of her cubs?”

Purpose of This Post

In a novel Excerpt, I surmised an answer the Queen of Sheba made to King Solomon that may or may not provide the answer for men who may want to know the reasons for the above hyperbolic article statements and the lioness question.

Novel Excerpt

“A wise man will not dominate his wife because he will understand the order of all creatures of Yahweh and recognize the individuality of both sexes. For example, while the queen honeybee rules the beehives, the male lion rules his female hunters. We have had a number of Israelite female leaders in our past that Israelite men chose to follow because they recognized their wisdom and individuality. I will gladly share their stories with you anytime you wish to hear about them.”

Bilqis face continued to indicate her displeasure of our beliefs.

“Bilqis, I knew when we began this conversation that the subject would not be pleasing or agreeable with you. However, it is what we Israelite men believe to be the role of our woman.”

“What do men really know about women? I believe you stated that women know better than men the perceptions of women.” Bilqis commented cynically.

“Perceptions of women are indeed a difficult matter for men to comprehend.” I acknowledged.

“Solomon, why are men favored to have more wives rather than a woman having more husbands? Seems even your Yahweh does not appear to be fair to a woman on this matter.”

What’s My Point?

What do men really know about women? As a 78-year-old member of the male human species, I gave up trying a long time ago to predict or understand how any women think.

As for the question why did the lioness kill the male lion, supposedly the “King of the Jungle,” the only thing I can think of is that a man probably made the statement that a male lion is the King of the Jungle, but did not fully understand the power of the “Queens of the Jungle.”

In other words, how Democrats or Republican women will vote in the coming election, it makes no sense to believe either a man or women really knows what a woman thinks, “why do we think they do?”

If Interested

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You Decide

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Was the Queen of Sheba statement I surmised in the novel fact or fiction?

Regards and good will blogging.

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