What really is the problem when politicians say they will stop the violence or even reduce it. How?

The Chicago Tribune article titled, Single-issue voter, play hard to get in the mayoral race, reports the issue and concerns of an organizer of Mothers and Men Against Senseless Killing. My accolades to Tamar Manasseh founder if the organization.


“I sat on that corner every day each summer for four years.”

“Since most people are too scared to drive down a street in a violent neighborhood and since there doesn’t seem to be anyone else sitting in a lawn chair on a corner in a neighborhood when politicians say they will stop the violence or reduce it. How?”

The Purpose of This Post  

Is to ask why people are scared to drive or sit on any corner in Chicago. Also, why anyone expects politicians will ever have a wise solution to answer her question, How?

King Solomon

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (Proverb 29:2)

What’s My Point?

When people are afraid of something, the something needs to addressed, confronted, and resolved so their fear can be conquered.

In order to confront fear, a person has to identify what is causing their fear before it can be addressed, confronted and resolved.

While my accolades are sincere to Tamar, and my police service in my community, I well understand that her presence sitting on the corner is one solution. Police or any concerned person with authority or gumptions will help deter crime and violence.

However, there are too many street corners and probably will never be enough time or volunteers, or tax money to pay to make police presence available to do what she is doing.

the “How” answer from politicians will never result over time to drive away the fear of driving or living in a violent neighborhood if the “whatever” is not confronted and driven out of the minds of fearful people.

In other words, the mourning will continue in violent neighborhoods in Chicago as long as “the righteous are not in authority” according to the King Solomon Wisdom Proverb.

In My Opinion,

Everyone knows the biggest fear is gangs and drugs. Everyone knows that public schools do not teach morals and wisdom which lead to righteous behavior. Everyone knows the politicians make empty suit promises to get elected, and people never hear the “How” when they make their campaign promises.

So, What to Do?

I have written numerous posts what is needed and how to begin to answer the “How”

Four Posts address the “How’s” to Gangs and Rights, School Vouchers, and Who to Blame, and Empty Suit Politicians.

If Interested,

Read the posts in the Source Links below. Again, my accolades to anyone who has the gumption of Tamar who is willing to sit on a corner to try and help end the senseless mourning.

Problem with volunteering is over time, most people volunteering realize that the same volunteers seem to be the only ones volunteering. Hope Tamar never realizes this and the posts help her quest to end the senseless mourning.

That is unless Tamar is special as I explained about Black Leadership Conundrum.

Black Leadership trust is probably the biggest single issue of Chicago Violence needed to drive away the fears why people are afraid to walk or drive in black violent neighborhoods in Chicago, in my opinion. Same goes with Alderman Leadership Trust in every other neighborhood in Chicago.

Wise Righteous Leaders, Wisdom, and Love, is and always has always been the Single-Issue solutions to end fear ever since time began, in my opinion.

Regards and good will blogging.

Source Links

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. https://rudymartinka.com/2016/11/07/king-solomon-and-empty-suit-politicians/.

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