I decided to repost this original post of 1/2/2018 after reading today’s news about pipe bombs being mailed to politicians. 

Obviously, the wisdom of King Solomon or  George Washington has not been heeded and still remains out of the realms of wisdom as evidenced in this years election and this act of terror. Possibly because of the lack of civility and wisdom?.

Insightful post and commentary sorely needed to be read, shared and discussed on the topic of civility to heal the political divide in our nation, in my opinion.

Perhaps we all need to revisit what George Washington copied at age sixteen?

Freedom Through Empowerment

Citizen Tom has a good post up called “Why Such Hatred For Donald Trump?”, that discusses the irrationality behind the Left’s visceral reaction to everything he does. CT essentially makes the argument that Trump is a master at pushing the emotional trigger buttons of his detractors, whose idolatry of things other than God (ego, intellect, being right etc…) trips them up.  I happen to agree with this.

As usual with a post from Citizen Tom it sparked some interesting conversation in the comments section.  Scatterwisdom kicked things off by bringing up the psychological angle of what motivates people to behave in such a way.  This shifted the conversation down some interesting avenues and all involved offered some insightful perspectives.

Scatterwisdom  also referenced one of my favorite cultural philosophers, Jonathan Haidt, who had this to say:

One thing that you find in most of the great wisdom traditions…

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