What I surmise King Solomon would to do when the caravan arrives at the USA border based on his proverb.

What will happen when the thousands of immigrants in the news will arrive at the border? They will face thousands of USA military.

I cannot imagine the political consequences of using tanks and bullets, to maintain order or prevent violence from their crossing after the criticism the USA heaped on China and Russia when they used them in the past to solve issues of disregard of their authority.

Purpose of the Post

I surmised based on an Ancient Proverb, what may be the wisest way to prevent or reduce potential violence from occurring at the border, in my opinion.

King Solomon

If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. (Proverb 25:21)

What’s My Point?

Once someone disobeys a law, they are considered an enemy of the people according to USA laws.

If the caravan is allowed to enter the USA, it will become an incentive and beginning of many more caravans and the eventual breakdown of law and order in the USA. The same major reasons why the majority of immigrants are fleeing their homelands instead of marching to confront their own countries problems.

Keep in mind the current drug problem in the USA being supplied through illegal border crossings.

Keep in mind, the USA accepts the most legal immigrants every year than any other country in the world.

Also. keep in mind, the USA in time will need more immigrants because of the declining population in the USA.

What to Do?

When the caravan arrives at the border, give them enough temporary food and drink and travel equipment to return to their homeland. Allow them to fill out applications for citizenship, or work visas if they choose.

Only vote for Congressman in the near election who will pass laws to end the four-decade problem of illegal immigration rather than allow judge’s interpretations of laws from catch and release. In the interim, temporarily feed, all immigrants at the borders who try to enter illegally to and allow them to apply legally before they return to their homelands and wait for their turns to enter the USA legally.

If the immigrants refuse to fill out the applications, it is a potential indication they will not obey laws in the future.

If they do not return, the problem will be for Mexico to solve for allowing them to travel through Mexico in the first place?

Un-Christian or Un-Godly Advice?

For people who do not agree or believe this advice for religious reasons, keep in mind, every religious denomination believes their God has laws and rules must be followed to govern entry into His Kingdom.

If you believe in charity, keep in mind that any donation you make will pay for ten times more in aid in the homeland county, than in the USA.

If Interested

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You Decide

What would you do if you had the responsibility to decide what to do when the caravan reaches the border?

My surmised advice, USA or illegal immigrants, Righteous or Wicked?

My surmised advice, wise or foolish?

Regards and good will blogging.

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